Increasing the number of S-Tier civs on water maps (by Azot-Spike)

Honestly I feel like buffing Byzantines on water would be kind of silly. They already are able to challenge all the S tier civs on water as seen in HC4. Koreans and Japanese could get an small buff but honestly rather just nerf the S tier civs slightly like making the Italian discount on fish scale like the Indian cheaper villagers, nerfing castle age Longboats and nerfing Portuguese somehow

They are top 5 or 6 on islands thanks to their cheap ships

Fishing is annoying. It is too much of a gamewinning thing on full water maps. It lets you get a major eco advantage, because you can create fishing while aging up, but then if you lose it, and the other person has it, then you are in a rather bad situation. Fishing should be able to garrison in docks, up to 5 units per dock, and maybe something else to make it less essential I think.