Increasing variety for Ottoman vizier points

While the first point may vary, for 95% of games, it seems like the must-have vizier points are the three military school techs (+1, increased speed, and jan/knight production). Overall, this feels kind of limiting and kind of helps to shoehorn the Ottomans into one strategy (MS archer spam). I think that the vizier tech tree should be redesigned to allow flexibility, kind of like a one-track tech tree.

So for example, there would be three main branch types: Military, Economic, and Religious.

The current three starting techs basically are those: Military is mehter, Economic is Anatolian Hills, and Religious is 2x imams + area heal.

Next row is currently is 2x military and 1 economic… then finally last row is 3x military. So to rebalance the next two rows, an example idea is something like the following:

Row 2:
Military - +1 military school, unchanged
Economic - Trade bags, unchanged. I thought about moving this to row 3, but it can be combined with the Sultanhani Trade Network. Still… most people don’t have much trade in feudal, so I’m still open to moving this to third row.
Religious - “Dervishes” - Grant 1 imam. Imams are now 33% cheaper. This is meant to be synergistic with the row 1 imam upgrade. Note that dervishes are sufi mystics that basically lived a life of poverty to learn humility – so this is why they’re cheaper. But they can’t be as cheap a Delhi Dome of Faith imams, otherwise that would be broken.

Row 3:
Military - “Advanced Techniques” - Unlocks special techs at the blacksmith: Siege crews, increased military school speed, unlock janissary and knight production at schools. These cost a decent amount of money now.
Economic - “J*zya tax” (thanks censors) - Outposts now generate a very small trickle of gold. Again, maybe this can be swapped with Trade Bags.
Religious - “Sufi Mysticism” - Imam conversion speed increased. This is accompanied by a sound change (maybe WololoLO) and graphical change to let opponents know that this is serious business.

You don’t have to be locked to one path, although mixing and matching will reduce synergistic effects. Also this gives much better value to the 3rd age (I think it’s called Istanbul Imperial Palace?) to reap more benefits.