"Incursor azul" es un nombre ridiculo. Por favor volver a llamarlo "Invasor de Pastos"

I had written a response for your paragraphs but I see the patern is the same, I value unit Identity, you value historical accuracy. I find both valid.

I mean imagine you are almost 22 years old, you were called Jimmy all your life and all of a sudden, you find out your parents messed up and Saul was your legal name all along. Do you stick with Jimmy because it is what you identify with, or do you change to Saul because it is the correct one, despite no one knowing you by that name?

Both answers are valid.

Before continuing to accuse anyone of double standards […]

I didn’t accuse you, I gave you a case of double standards logic, which if you happened to follow, would have goten you into double standards.

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I guess you have never dubbed something, when you are translating stuff to other languages you can’t do it like mangonel= mangana cause on spanish it sounds really bad, even google translator can do a better job, as for the skirmishers the translation is right, guerrilla is a different word for a different context, you are not in colombia fighting, ergo keeping the original was the correct choice, there is no quality on incursor azul, manga, hostigador etc, especially cause the unit had a different name on that language for 20 years, you can name whatever you want in aoe4 but they should have kept the original translation.

Escaramuzador would have been the better translation, to be honest, even though it is a mouthful.