India is the new Russia

India have the “Fencing School” card that improves infantry training time by 40%.
Now they changed the “Zamindars” that improves infantry training time by 20%.

Cool, nothing scary yet. To be honest, India needed it.

BUT, they also added “Indian Gunpowder” that reduces a bit the price of Sepoys and improves their training time by 85%. EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT! This means that with only 2 cards you can have instant spawn Sepoys!

And add “Battlefield Construction” to that deck, so Sepoys can build Military Buildings, and “Mughal Architecture” that makes buildings cheaper and faster to build, and you have a even more overpowered version of the classic Russian Musketeer + Fort spam. Barracks are cheaper and built faster than Forts, this means that now India can get map control very easily and fast after Industrial Age.

This civ will be probably broken on Treaty Games.


Can confirm. Russia is historically known in treaty for fort-hopping and spamming instant infantry. Their strength was their spammability, counterbalanced by being weaker.

India gets the best of both words - a very strong musk and spammability now, which certainly is a lot.

India definitely needed faster infantry training, but I think it was too much. By giving spammability to sepoys, it not only takes away Russia’s uniqueness, but it makes India surpass Russia’s ability to run due to a much more durable musketeer that can build anything military related. It also doesn’t help with Russia’ uniqueness that sepoys have become more cost efficient too.

In essence, by giving India instant sepoys, India has become the top dog in map control in treaty, surpassing eclipsing pretty much anything Russia has to offer. Russia’s musketeer is also limited in that it could only build forts, which take longer and you need to supplement villagers to build artillery ranges for a proper army.

India is more of a threat, as you can build anything with sepoys and you can deploy the entire variety of units in literally less than a minute.

To remedy this, I’d say just make sepoys train a same/similar speed to Imperial Age European musks with Fencing School and Mass Infantry. India’s problem of slow infantry training has been cured, but I think it’s pushed India far too over the top. I am grateful for all the other changes though, especially that age 5 rocket card.


I have said this uncountable times. Battlefield construction + fast training is not a good combo for balance, but people wanted that🤷‍♂️

Not a fan of everything attached to HC cards tho

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Damn nearly a year later and I wanted to try the new update on a lark and to my surprise nearly all my complaints as an India treaty player got addressed. So far from my testing what I can glean is that the devs smartly put all of India’s new bonuses as a card option that means you WILL have to sacrifice something if you want all the new infantry benefits and the Mysore rocket(essential for India). Either building health or cavalry train times or something else.

I tip my hats to the devs. Nicely done all things considered. This actually really opens up different playstyles for people. First an India player was stuck with pretty much a single deck for treaty. Now he can optimize it for his skillset/strategy/tastes a bit.

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Agreed. Kudos to the devs. India finally got some much-needed love with some anti-infantry artillery and improved lategame infantry training times. You can actually sustain max pop in heads-up fight much better now.

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