India OP as of last patch

Every 1v1 is now vs India or Ottomans. Hate to complain but their economy is faster their military is stronger… Wtf do you do vs them

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semi ff hold the rush
age3 ship the great shipments and beat them teched up or before they get their age3 shipments and techs in
this is usally 2falc for euros
in reality its quite complicated and the flexbile indians are never easy, but indian units tend not to scale late game super well, and their eco is steady but 2-3tc and some strong eco shipments (wingacourt, 8 vill, even stuff like spice trade) or other eco advantages a la kancha boom or manor boom, etc. basically you outscale india. their rush is brutal, their elephants tough and those damn seige elephants give me heartburn everytime. but its usually not that much harder than any other civ once you learn to scout, learn what agra position or karni openings mean, and burn through their strong age2 and early 3
think of it like reversed japan- youll be on the defensive this time, but you’ll outscale them if you play it right and pick a few good battles and invest in age3 eco. Try not to overcommit the age2 play and get out mass artillery, goons and skirm and they usually get wore down. going 4 and getting heavy cannons also usually seals the deal.

in 2v2 tho i dunno they just plop that fort on you and spam whatever unit screws your team over while their ally spams something else. 3v3 they also great but a bit more managable. Hope that helps!


Sadly there isn o way to counter india fort → sepoy rush as british now without their economy getting ahead. its sad but you might as wellr esign at the starto f the match.

Not true, india receive shipments considerably slower now so that is military arriving slower and free vills arriving slower. Just sit in base and go longbow and wall up, longbow beat everything they have in age 2.