Indian cards and their questionable design / worth

Yes its a more balanced approach. But the devs implemented thsi badly earlier then reverted it.
Also, ORIGINALLY the aura was supposed to be on Final Gather rate not on base rate.

It could’ve been:
Starting with 5-7.5% in age2. and adding 2.5% to aura, in each age.

Just because cards don’t get used a lot doesn’t mean they have a problem. As long as cards have a niche where they are good in they are fine. There will always be cards that are meta causing cards that aren’t not to be picked so much nothing wrong with that it is just how it is.

P.S. Anyways guys . . .

This is more about the cards and the Abundance of outdated mechanics, rather than civ balance. I wanted to convey the Bad Deck desgn rather than the existing faults in the civ.

The probs with Indian Deck is alot of Cards need Revisit/Merger/Become a Research etc.

The Animals card is case of a Merger. Coz even in a case you wanna use it. Its still not worth it. Either they become a team card or Add more Pets OR the Explorere card delivers a pet or something. 2 Independent Tigers / Lions etc are still not worth it.

Meanwhile Team Pet Rhinos can be seen alot in team Rush Hard game.

No. Its a early game (starting res) and a late game bonus (farming eco). It has only a minor fall off in the middle… but most modern aoe3 maps have insane amounts of starting res.

100food is cheaper than 100wood. It covers the “cheaper vill” part of a medicine card. I’m aware of indias “team medicine”… i mentioned it in the same post. Pls read before you answer

It maxes out at 21 range. So an advantage in lategame

You see, its a reacurring theme with india: they have an early advatage, it falls of later on, before becoming an advantage yet again.

India got other advantages. As mentioned before: eco doesnt seem to be a bottleneck in supremacy games, even if they go to super lategame… cant say for treaty. Other civs would kill for cow xp trickle btw.

Its not a banos EVER with India, Nothing is bonus. The Civ is designed to make things look like bonus but all they are just “COMPENSATIONS”.

In this case the Aura is a Compensation for factories in late game. LOL.

Yea and still these are 2 sepeerate cards which either needed to be merged or updated, else useless. anyways. Maybe the Team medicince is rarely usable in a team deck but other no.

Nowadays every second skirm has a better stat / range than Gurkha. It was special, but not now. There are archers that perform better at times now.

Yea Other civs Would, but again its a compensation for 9% XP penalty. Increased from 8% :slight_smile:

Nothing is bonus with India everything is barely enough compensation. (Thats the civ design and the Deck clearly depicts that :confused: Its not game breaking but defenitely holds the civ back from becoming an Updated DE civ)

yes just completely bust india

Why don’t you just say that you want an OP India? At the moment, by winrate across all ELOs, India is already a top tier civ, and you want to make it even stronger by buffing its cards? The base design of the India civ is solid enough that you could play without a deck!

He never said anything about buffing already strong cards. There are like 10 % strong and useful cards while 90 % useless cards. He is talking about bringing these cards on par. It’s pretty pointless how some cards just exist but are useless. Buffing them to make useful will not make Indians overpowered.
The design approach of the devs is wrong, some of the new civs have almost all cards equally powerful while old civ Indians might seem like having a lot of cards but what use is it if half of it is useless.


When you check win rate do also check the Pick rate of the civ. The data about many underpicked civ is inconclusive. as their is not enough or barely enough data to get a good guess.

Meanwhile as said by @Verumkai I nowhere mentioned to make India OP or anything.

@BlamedApple9268 Ill support the nerf or buff if it corrects the CIV redundancy. The whole point of the post was to Highlight the lonnnngggggggg existing uselss cards, and mechanics that are no longer applicable or simply outdated in DE.

And it highlights the need of a Rework, rather than introducing random cards here and there.

Meanwhile lakota has 50 wood tepees and I havent seen complaints about being an auto all market upgrades at min 0.
Also, their villagers grant 1.6 or more food, coin and experience at the same time hunting.

Karni Mata would be stronger in farms than in natural resources, this way supremacy games wouldnt suffer. Otherboption would be the aura being over final stats.

About XP trickle, there is no point on it when you need a card for every single tech that other civs can get independently to the deck.

Europeans get 2 factories at age IV which are equals to how many villagers?? Which industrial indian card is as strong as that?

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Man you cant jump around different civs and compare them whenever you argued yourself into a corner. I compared them to russia, since they have atleast some similarities (no vill shipments, wood trickle, eco theory/karnimata). I showed, that india is superior here, you didnt answer to this. Now you compare them to a completely different civ with uncomparable playstyle. Lakota doesnt need any wood for houses… Should every civ now get 0 wood houses? Ofc not.

I compare them to civs that have similar economic auras like Lakota, African civs or Malta that can place them everywhere.

You talk like starting resources last infinetely.

No, i explicitly write, that its an early game bonus and then after you place farm an lategamebonus. Tippie only affects hunts, it misses berries, mines, trees, farms, estates…its a terrible comparison. A tippie costs half the price of hunting dogs for the same bonus on a small area, karnimata is for free (remember india gets 500 res crates; on its own they are equal to every european age II benefit!).

Argueing with u doesnt add to the conversation, so ill stop.

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Mmm no, it boosts everything in the surrounding area (12.5% on the wiki). It also boost villagers and unit HPs and with cards RoF, speed and attack.
But here we are talking about gathering aura

K maybe your correct about this. Wont check it. Still costs smth, karnimata is free and lakotas eco is very different (see gathering coin, reliant on hunts etc.)

Something important to keep in mind is that just because something functions similarly but is better for one civ doesn’t automatically imply any imbalance.

Lakota have a better eco aura. So? Other than for hunting their eco upgrades are just worse than India’s. They don’t even have as many upgrades in the market. I think Lakota has the better aura to compensate for poor eco upgrades and less estate upgrade cards.

All that to say, I don’t know that the comparison actually means much.

Lakota farm upgrades affects hunts as well just to note

What lakota does lack however is things like HC cards that affects farm food gathering, its all designed around hunts