Indian civs screenshots predictions:

That’s a contradiction. Either you consider elephants part of regular cavalry or you don’t and say they are different parts of the army.

Because balance matters way more than “flavour”, as can be seen with many other civs.

Well, you are wrong so your arrogance is unjustified

When the Commonwealth was formed, there was little practical difference between the Polish and Lithuanian armed forces but they were kept separate

There you have it.

I never said they were part of the cavalry?

They dont need good cav to be balanced. Beohemians didnt need good cav rither

It doesn’t say anywhere there that Lithuanians were using Heavy Cavalry.

Ok, did Poles use heavy cavalry before forning the commonwealth?

In that case:


Yes, but why is this about the Poles suddenly?

What is there to be confused about? Read what I wrote

Because if the armies were so similar then Lithuanians had to have heavy cavalry.

And in general any civ focused on some sort of cav gets good knights

Let me try again, you are using double standards when saying an elephant UU for Persians is fine only because their regular cavalry was good.

I didnt say that lol, what I said is that a civ shouldnt get a UU that represents the weak part of the army.

Because you started your reply with “but” it seemed to me you implied that basically the same thing was okay for Persians.
Even if not ideal sometimes it may be necessary for balance reasons.

But theres a tom of great civs with terrible cav, and even then you could just give Bengalis a better tech tree instead of an ahistorical UU

I don’t know anything about them to discuss Indian civs from a historical point of view but this was just posted in another thread:

And in general I dont see the devs doing this

The cav was mercenary cavalry which still didnt make up for the lack of good horses (and ont compare it to Persia, Elephants are a luxury, cav is common)

And also, I jusyt think these convoluted theories are unnecesary since theres no good arguments against the leak

Not sure about the unconfirmed leak because first off there would be a total of 4 Indian civs (we just saw 3 emblems), secondly we haven’t seen an Archer chariot on both screenshots and thirdly some of the civ overviews by themselves look broken.
Not questioning the authenticity of the images though.

If they had all these previously hidden unique units, I think being in doubt for the absence of one unit doesnt maje much aense. Why would they have all graphics execept that one? And also, we were going to have a 3 cuv DLC sooner or later.

And the civ bonuses dont seem that OP to me, even the crazy Bengali Elephants and the sheep bonus. Or at least they dont seem more OP than Flemish revolution or having all units take 50% less bonus damage (but tbh the sheep bonus really depebds on how good the trickle is)

And theres no emblem for a civ that isnt part of the DLC. Its free content. Theres no need to advertise it

What gave you that idea?

The Gurjaras emblem is nearly identical to the emblem of what we know as the Indians in game. And why not advertise free content if they put in work to revamp it?

The civ limit. Even if they changed it, I am pretty sure they will first fill the last 9 civs before doing so. And since 9 isnt ab even number they would need to put one extra civ somewhere

Lol no. They just share a symbol. We have multiple eagles and lion symbols rn, dont we?