Indians and Persians Elephants mod

Hi, I created this mod just today. I am welcome to feedback and suggestions and also bugs.

Main Features:

  1. Indians get War Elephants, Arbalesters, Battle Elephants, Crop Rotation and Mahouts. They lose Elephant Archers, Two Man Saw and Sultans (I have interchanged the effects of Sultans and Shatagni, so they still have the gold boost).
  2. Persians get Elephant Archers, Battle Elephants and Sultans (+1 range on Hand Cannoneers). They lose War Elephants and Mahouts.
  3. Elephant Archers attack 19% faster (every 2.1 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds).

Minor changes, features and bug fixes:

  1. Condotierro and Genitour available in tech tree for all civilizations. They remain dark blue if unavailable and light blue if they are available.
  2. Elite Genitour upgrade available when starting game other than in Dark Age.
  3. Persian team bonus affects all equivalent units like Boyars, Leitis, Keshiks, Konniks, Xolotl Warrior, Cataphracts.
  4. Mahouts had the same effect on Battle Elephants naturally; changed it to only 20%.
  5. Elite Elephant Archers +1 attack and range (they lacl Bracer), +20 HP and +1 melee armor.

Could you tell me how you add battle elephants to Indians & Persians?

I’ve been trying my hand at modding, and adding regional units to certain civs is one of the things I haven’t been able to do

Warning: do not mod the original file. Modify a copy of the file. It’s better to download a dataset mod from mods (any), then go to its location (there is a button), you will arrived in some “subscribed” folder, copy that entire mod folder to “local” folder and delete its icon, rename it, delete its json file and replace the dataset by the original dataset. All this to make your mod work and also there is some proper structured folder required for a mod.

Okay, now open this copied dataset with Genie Editor (all other files will be from original game). Go the effects section. There you can see “Indians tech tree”. Most tech trees have “Disable tech ##” to remove some unit or tech from the tech tree. You just need to delete that “Disable tech”. Also check for Elite Battle Elephant also.

I have a mod set up and working.
Thanks for your reply! The confident knowledge that there is such a tech helped me find it, and even helped me fix a disastrous bug in my mod :smile_cat: