Indians being OP since African Kingdoms finally comes to an end (took way to long)

Remarkable that a million-dollar company only took? How long? 5 Years
It’s a disgusting disgrace on how this has been overslept for 5 years and only came up after those dozens Indians “Abuser” who constantly picked them in TG and 1v1 for Freelo showed the Balance team (finally but it caused wayyy to much pain) that they are over the top. A 60% winrate in 1650+ is INSANE with having the highest winrate among all ranks, elo’s and skills. The fact that they received a BUFF on May was an absolute catastrophe. The buffs on African Kingdoms, Especially the removal of the Ship Armor class on Camels without any major nerfs lead to this abomination we have to suffer against in every TG

This civ is one of the best proves (sadly) that the balance team is just too slow and months went down without balance patches, for a civ that is hotfix worthy. This issue has been slept on for way too long, June, July, August, September, October went by without any Balance Patches.

As someone who never really played a TG without Indians (due to the fact that above 2k TG elo there is no such thing as “Indian free TG”, i would like to hear a public apology from official sources regarding their month long inaction on such an OP civ. It’s been a pain, propably costed several keyboards and other peripherals of other players and i think an apology is the least they could do.

Personally i still think that taking away their last Cav armor is not enough, and that they should atleast lose Husbandry as well.

And please anyone replying to this, if you are guilty of being an Indian “Abuser” that is full in denial about the strength of this civ, do not reply as you are partisan, thank you

Have a nice day


Chill, dude


I agree with that Indians are completely broken in TGs, but they are such an useless 1v1 civilization.

Indians are very weak against Archer civs, Goths, Incas, Meso and in particular Halberdier+Siege.

Tell me which civs are Indians good against other than Turks, Huns, Tatars and Bulgarians?

Even Franks or Teutons 105 Indians with their Infantry.

They will be top 4 worst civ for sure. Hera even put them to D-tier, before the buff.


I am aware of the opinion that Indians aren’t so good in 1v1

But is that actually true xD?

In 1650+ 1v1 stats, they have 60%+ winrate

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remember this game wasnt made for pros, but for everyone, what is the average winrate?

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While on the topic. Where are the Indian Elefants… Too many years went by since the introduction of battle Elefants and Indians deserve it in my opinio from a coherence standpoint.

Even if its just non elite.
Hope this isn’t too off topic, if yes please ignore this.

There is not enough data.

Indians have almost 0 chance against Byzantines, but they have 87% winrate.

Like how can Indians deal with the better Castle Age Camels, cheap trash, Siege Rams?

Also Indians have the lowest winrate against Huns, but I’d favour Indians especially because DE CA are crap.


You know that they only hit this win rate recently, since the current patch? In many of those monthts their win rate was around or even below 50%. There 60% winrate is only for the current patch. Do you have any idea why their win rate sky rocket in the latest patch? Afaik they didnt buff the Indians in the latest patch.

So if you want to use those win rates: Can you tell me why their win rates are currently sky high, while not being touched in recent months, while in those months, their win rate was pretty normal.


Deathcounter is that you??

Yeah they were nerfed to the point that they are good… for nothing
More than useless in 1v1, and then unplayable in TGs now
aka a HUGE abomination man

And indiscriminatley nerf the Elephant Archer, a unit that need more? NO

Indians won’t get BEs never, even now without the last cav armor because they could be more than useless, and the whole civ concept is around camel focus.

They are waiting for their deserved buff (again) in the incoming patch, as i think it was teased in the trailer with so many elephants on screen …

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If imperial camel doesn’t lose or get reduced any hidden bonus they will continue dominating, because of their huge economy lead.

Indians have always been good at 1x1, only low skilled players or players that have never tried them consider them weak, they were once the #1 1x1 civ when they had arabalest, they could wipe anyone in castle age, their economy was never touched so only losing arbalest doesn’t put them from 1 to the lower civ, you guys have a very weird understanding of the game.

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You are right, they were, keep that in mind

Wow…you are very mad. :smiley:

The apology you are demanding will likely never come.

I dont play Indians, so I don’t really have personal experience, but holy, is this the moment for Indians to lose their imperial camel, archer armor, cavalry armor and eco lead, following the footsteps of Khmer from being the A tier civ to F tier? :open_mouth:

Ok, I’m sarcastic, but is Indians that op? Way more than Frank? Cause average win rate Frank is still No.1.

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Indians are OP in TGs and probably loosing 1MA is not a huge change. The issue is that they are not special at all at 1v1.

Personally I really do not like a civ which is OP in a game mode but that sucks 1v1 arabia (the other horrible civ is Italians, OP on water, a disaster in 1v1 arabia).

So fine with an indian nerf for the MA, we can even discuss if the villager discount can be further nerfed. If so, however, they need something for 1v1, and imo one of the best option would be arbalest.


mmm the villager discount was buffed because it was so UP long time ago
If anything they should lose the discount in dark age much like Persians losing extra workrate of TCs/Docks in Dark age, and remember how oppresive were the Persians at that point.
That could be a much better and smart nerf than this…

It may work, definitely. However it is important a 1v1 fix… A civ which is dominant in only a game setting is bad designed imo.

Knight and Cavalier (Not useful in TG but at leats gives thema a good chance in 1v1 with the villlager discount.

Arbalest was once a thing but was too OP with the villager discount.

Another thing is reduce the food cost of the elephant archer and allow them at the archery range.


Imagine actually thinking that indians was a good 1v1 civ in a map without shore fish and asking for an apology anyway omegalul.

Yeah, they are incredibly strong in 4v4 tgs, but not even close to khmer good


I guess literally every pro is stupid then

Want more proof that they were not so good in arabia?
In KOTD3 they were drafted 16 times in 75 series played, they were played 6 times on a sample of 241 games and won just 2 times.
Don’t bring up the times when they had arbs, they are long gone


And even in that settings the fishing bonus was nerfed because was too good on that maps (Instapick on maps with shore fish).

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