Indians Camel after last update

First of all, I want to say that I’m not an Indians player, I just think they’re being too nerfed when they just needed a little change. As I know they were strong in team games at post-imperial age
I think there were more effective ways to nerf them without destroying the civ. We have to remember one of the strengths of this civ was to deal with a paladin in a very effective way and I just checked and in post-imperial, they lost against almost every type of paladin, the only exceptions are a Celtic paladin and byzantine paladin, also with the nerf of taking out the last blacksmith upgrade they have become a weaker camel than the rest, for example, Malian camel destroys it and Saracen and Berber camel are better than Indian camel too, without taking into account that these have just armour camel.
As I said before I think there are more ways to fix this civ, the first thing they could have done is to make them weaker to archers quitting their extra pierce armour, making them struggling in early castle age against archers and also in team games as usually there is a player who plays archers, giving them a specific counter to them in team games but leaving their strength against melee units. Also leaving the team bonus of camels against buildings in +3
The other thing that could have been done was to make the imperial camel upgrade as expensive as the paladin one and give them the same research time. Because I think one of the things, why this civ was op, is that getting a massed imperial camel is easier than getting a massed paladins army.
And finally, if there are people that are not happy with this that could have done the camel more expensive, make it as expensive as a knight(cavalier and paladin), leaving them their strength in melee combats and reducing the advantages that are not always seen.
I take into account pro players point of view also to support my argument, for example, Hera, who said they didn’t need a nerf as they would be very weak in 1v1 and also team games
This opinion is personal and I ask that if you agree with me you support my idea and if not leave your comment in here respectfully. As we all hope to have a more balanced game in which we like to play with every civ.

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