Indians change

Can we change Indians to something more unique? Having an armor Upgrade replaced by a civ bonus is kinda lame, additionally, they are one of 3 civs with extra pierce armor on Light cav which isn’t really unique.

In Team games and 1v1, they are above 50% win rate. Their team bonus is too strong, but can only be used for a handful of civs which is not a good property for a teambonus:

Winrate of Indians

Age of Statistics

AoE Pulse

Nerf their Villager discount, empower their camels in Castle again in return and nerf their Imp Powerhouse.
Give them a new unique team bonus that makes sense for them the most, but is also decent for the others. Reduce their trash options and they should have more weaknesses in 1v1’s too

I would change them to this:

Villager 5/10/15/20% cheaper

Fisherman work 10% faster

Camel Rider have +0/+1 armor

Camel Rider +4 attack vs standard building

Teambonus: Fisherman can gather from fish traps (at the rate of shore fish)

Tech tree:

Recieve Plate Barding Armor (last horse armor)

Lose Halbadier (this is the least civ that needs it)

Imperial camels have 8 instead of 9 attack

Imperial camel Upgrade research time increased to 155s (from 125, Paladin is 170s, Heavy Camel is 105s).

Uh is villagers fishing from fish traps any good at all? Because having a fish trap kinda implies you have a fishing boat that can use it already. Sounds niche at best. I don’t even think the current team bonus is being used by the Indian’s teammates at all unless they want to meme with siege camel archers or something.

I agree this pierce armour bonus is ugly as hell and super redundant but at least it’s functional and +2 armour for free in imp is genuinely good. So reverting it while nerfing imp camel attack AND nerfing their villager bonus AND nerfing their trash is just asking to make them garbo in 1v1 while likely bringing some issues back in TG anyway. Indians also need halberdiers, first by design (they have a paladin equivalent and an elephant unit) and second to be able to couter cav civs without said cav civs being able to go blindly into their own halbs each and every single time.


I think multiple Vills could gather from a fish trap

I think that any kind of fishing bonus for villagers is going to be typically pretty useless. The majority of maps don’t have water, the majority of players don’t play the maps that do, most of them won’t go overboard on the shore fish, with vills, and if they do any fishing, it will almost certainly be with fishing ships. Therefore, the bonus should be replaced.

In fact was buffed long time ago because was underpowered

So you want back Imperial Camels with 5 PA when all were complaining about the unit and that wasn’t supposed to be that good vs archers? no

There isn’t any logical reason to do that, civ bonus or team bonus, you won’t change nothing.

Useless TB on most maps, while also being potentially broken as ■■■■ on TGs with safe water sources (4 lakes and african clearing), imagine Malay with this tb lol.

For a civ that lacks the whole Knight line, this is bad.

And this won’t change how strong are they vs cavalry, while just slightly weakening them vs infantry (which already are weak to).

This one that I can agree.

Perhaps I think the best thing to do for the Indians is divide it up in multiple civs because during the Medieval era, the Indian Subcontinent was divided into many empires.

It’s actually a god tier bonus on maps with many ponds that have shorefish (like African clearings). In fact the bonus is often criticized for being situationally the best eco bonus in the game depending on the map.

Indians are just Counter-Meta civ.
Why don’t we talk about nerfing the meta?