Indians & Goths

The funny thing is, they got banned a lot. That means many players are scared of Goths.


if they are something scary, why aren’t they chosen and played more often?
i think the people who banned them, banned them for peace of mind.

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They are under top 10 of most played civ. That’s a lot. And 50% win rate is still good. Not the worst civ even at high elo gaming.


and yet still rarely used in tournaments, and even pros put them at the bottom end of civs.

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Goths are situational and risky. If the enemy go for Aztecs or Mayans, two top civ, it’s your chance. Fight against Vikings or Japanese, not the best choice.


Indians have an OP Economy that would need game-changing nerfs before they could have the pop-efficient BEs.
They would need to be a completely different civ altogether, and go through successive nerfs like the Khmer, or have crippling weaknesses like the Malay or Burmese.

Goths are fine, they are the only civ that actually uses Militia line units the whole game, and are hard-countered by Scout line and Skirmisher line units, due to lack of Platemail Armour.

Only if the Aztecs go for Arbs, because if they go for their own Militia line units, they demolish Goths later on.

Goths only get really strong in post imp. Only if they get Anarchy and start spamming FU Elite Huskarls and champions.

Other than that, they are realitievly strong


Goths are finally in a decent position.

Indians deserve a buff to be a competitive 1v1 civilization and should lose TG only strenght. They might need a rework.


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And I’m just like “Dude, where are these Steppe Lancers you keep telling me about?” It’s like less than a year later, we’ve already forgotten what “broken” (Steppe Lancer pre-nerf) and “bad” (Steppe lancer immediately post nerf, arguably now) means. Does nobody remember Viper joke-complaining about how he needed a four-unit complimentary army to handle Steppe lancers? The game is generally speaking, in a good state. Anyone claiming otherwise, high or low, is hysterical. End of story.


First of all, they got banned 5 times. Not that much consindering the 32 series played.
Secondo, in two of these 5 case, Mayans were picked by the one who banned the Goths: pretty normal if you ask me.

We have 3 ban left, which happened with at least a couple of archers civ in the draft of the one who banned them, or perhaps Nicov, ACCM and MBL simply didn’t want to play a game where the opponent would try to lame the ■■■■ out of them.

Goths aren’t strong and they aren’t even close to be the most banned civ, with the aztecs counting already 18 bans.


Goths are countered to death by aztecs 11


A lot of experience you have…BTW Knights are strongest counter part of Goth except of some UU.

Boosted Champs/Infantry UUs completely destroy Goths.


Hussars can beat Huskarls 1 on 1, and Goth Champs and Halbs are especially vulnerable to Piercing attacks, so they can be countered by Skirmishers.

Traditionally, you can fully counter all Goth Gold army units with a lesser investment of Trash units, which is why Goth really need their large and early discount, and fast training speed, or else they would need large buffs all over their Tech Tree.

It is noted that, if you defend against the brunt of the Goth Flood, the civ runs out of Steam very quickly, and just dies out.

If you going for Archer, Goths go for Huskarl.
Any other unit, try to survive the perma Longsword push. If the Goth player do correctly, it’s hard to counter.

The only weakness is the obvious gameplay and the chance to proper defend if you know what comes. Even on high elo they have a good win rate not for no reason.

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Longswords are so weak, they die to Light Cavalry.

How can you boom and play with light cav at the same time? Ask Indians how they survive?

Farms and Archers in Feudal, my dude.

Really, if you reach Castle, just get Heavy Plow, which is tied with Wheelbarrow for the best Eco upgrade in the game.
After that, you can both Boom and make Light Cav.

Indians should have the least trouble of all to do it too, since they get dirt cheap Vills by the Castle Age.

Maaaan, then ask Hera what he thinks about. Yeah he thinks Goths are trash too and loss hard with Indians. And he was pretty that he does not have Knights. And yes he played with light cav.
Goths push destroy your economy.

Everyone makes mistakes, and Goths are supposed to be oppressive on the offense, since they cannot defend at all.

Hera is also the guy that did not know Franks lack Bracer and Ring Archer Armour, so give him a break, he is no god.