Indians + New Civilizations / Empire

Indians in AoE2, unfortunately they were made very superficially. Firstly because it was made in an “unofficial mod” which was later made official and the developers team was hired and thus released AoE2-HD. However, they put India as a united civilization to be playable and this is a lie! India in the medieval period was never united / unified.

It is known that there were various empires / kingdoms, kings, laws, cultures and various doctrines, not forgetting the battles between them.


And now, how to fix it?

The Indian civilization could be renamed with the correct name of some empire that matches it in its campaign and then, balance to have the technologies + bonuses + unique unit in which it was renamed. Thus, the others empires would be added to fill the void gap that was left.

Remembering that India could make many new campaigns with the others empires that could be added.

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It is worth noting that despite the release of AoE2-DE now, the game will still have updates due to the fact that they are pretty much intending to support and upgrade in the long term, it was cogitated “new campaigns and stuff for them to do”, leaving the possibility very open to include any new content.

Remembering that there are at least 5 different studios working with the AoE franchise (this information you can get here in the forum or other channels), so it will be very easy to leave one or two studios taking care of AoE2-DE, even more, if it remains the biggest game in terms of active players of the franchise, even if one day loses the reign, is possibly always among the 3 largest.

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It seems right now that they won’t add any new civs to DE:

I hope it isn’t their final stance. :cry:

I really wanted Mississippians and Iroquois. Here some concept art:

Mayan city states states weren’t a single faction.

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What will dictate the rule is whether the game will actually have a large number of players over time, to the point that she wants to explore new DLCs with extra content in order to earn more profit.

Microsoft has 5 studios working for the Age of Empires franchise, in short there are a lot of people to work with.

Only in a few years will we know the answer whether or not new civilizations in DLCs have been added.

But that India was never a unified civilization, it never really was, there were always several different empires throughout the medieval period. This is a historical mistake, it would be the same thing to say that Europe was unified in a single civilization. BIZARRE!

Ahhhh the British Empire. Let’s just leave this here. Well, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Well. if you see the Japanese story they never were united (Sengoku Jidai), you will find several clans like Nobunaga, Takeda, Uesugi, Etc…(Like Shogun Total War).
Italians at the time were city states (Venetians, Genoese, Milan, Papacy, Sicily…).
Teutons were a main monarchy, but suffered by gthe several duchies (Swiss, Dutch, Baviera, Austria, Bohemia and more).
If a “Dravidian” “Bengali” “Mughal” and “Delhite” civs would be made, the people won’t be happy with the other civs and will begin to request the division of the Saracens, Persians, Mongols, Chinese, Turks… would you like to see a great civ like the Turks being splitted into Ottomans and Seljuks?
AOE 2 civs are based on a better known empires or kingdoms, as well major ethnic peoples, but cover the related empires and people.
Indians are based on the Delhi Sultanate/Mughals, but cover the entire subcontinent and you can prove this by checking the Game History (Which mention the Cholas), Their Wonder and the UU are based of the southern Indians, if you feel that they don’t cover the Dravidians, the Devs can just add AI names of Dravidian Rulers.


Yes I understand what you say.
But it is unpleasant to see campaigns forging fake empire just because they cannot put them at that moment. Some imperios were placed later and are now being fixed in AoE2-DE campaigns.

I wouldn’t mind putting in more empires, whatever nation it is. What matters is more and more content and stories, as well as tactical variations.

If this new AoE2-DE is updated for several years to come, this will be a good thing, especially for those who love medieval ages and their stories.
Just look at the success of the new expansions made so far, even after decades of game life, keeping the community active and attracting new players and exploring new strategies.

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I think that a Chola/Dravidian civ is mandatory.

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That would like making Malay into different culture/kingdom/empire. The Malays in AOE 2 refers to people of Nusantara (Indonesia+Malaysia+Brunei+part of Philippines) as a general civ, while in reality there are so many civilization there. Basically every province in Indonesia has their own unique culture, even two neighboring province may have very different culture. The campaign itself is the story of Javanese empire, while in reality there are several empires ever existed in the archipelago, yet the developer use the term “malay”.

Slav is also comprised of different cultures, civilizations, and, people, but they still make it as 1 civilization in the game

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Perhaps the correct thing now would be to add the non-playable empires that already exist in the campaigns and thus make new campaigns and tell their stories, and also update the old campaigns where they appear. It would be perfect, closing the cycle of empires where everyone is playable and in campaigns too. It would be a perfect dream, , everything would be connected.:slightly_smiling_face:

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from what I could analyze and research.

Age of Empires is more focused on civilizations rather than empires present within civilizations. Empires would be seen in the campaigns.

The idea of civilizations is because they want to focus on the people, culture, language and origins, and because the game is so broad in centuries, it is a very long period, so it is better to be focused rather than dispersed.

Thus, it is correct to have the Indians in the game to symbolize the northern part of India, since they had a different origin and belonged to another locality and race, which over time invaded northern India and there founded the Indian people, with your language, culture and if it mixed in part.
I already apologize if I was too impulsive.:mage:

But it is missing the southern part of India, where it has a different origins from the northern part, being an original people of India that inhabited the north in an older period, but were expelled by other peoples and thus went south. They have their own language and empires. This people is the Dravidians.

the Dravidians is the civilization that was missing to fill this empty space and can use the architecture of the Indian civilization constructions, that would basically her younger sister. And their campaign would be portraying, some of the empires there that vied for space in southern India.

I agree India needs some more civilizations, it is a major battleground. Can refer EU4 wiki for info on important Indian Civilizations that can make into game:

"Dravidian”, “Bengali”, “Mughal/Delhite” don’t even share the same language, religion or culture.

Your logic for Italian States or Japanese Clans doesn’t hold true for India. Atleast they share same language and religion only different rulers/shogunates. India is too vast of an umbrella to cover the vast culture of the entire subcontinent(it’s like having Europeans as one civilization based upon Romans). Irony is in real life a Camel(their UU) never stood before Brihadeswara(the Wonder).

At the very least India needs 3 culture groups: North-West Indians, South Indians and East Indians. Their language/culture is way too much distinct to be clubbed together.

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I support this idea. There should be at least one more civ that shares the same buildings set as the Indians do.

Sinhalese! They had many wars with the southern Indian kingdoms, Burmese and the Chinese and also interacted with the Arabs, Portuguese and Malays.

Iroquois fit AOE3 era and not AOE2 era…

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I think that aoe1 and aoe3 need now the attention for new civs

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