Indians Unique Units

According to you which civ do the Imperial Camels fit better thematically?

  • Saracens(Arabs)
  • Indians(South Asia)

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Ofcourse the game will need rebalancing accordingly.

My idea is to move the imperial camel from indians to saracens and give indians, knight line or battle elephant line while making saracens the ultimate camel civ.


The Indians in the game are a camel civ. Those changes you suggest are way too big and would go against the design philosophy of this civ (no knight line, just camels and scout line). Lots of people would feel alienated.

The Indians right now represent Mughals in their main design but have a South Asian architecture set which makes for a interesting combination. Ideally there would be a South Indian civ like Tamils or Dravidians which would better represent the Southern parts of the huge subcontinent.


I wonder why did they choose mughals for a medieval era game. It fits better in aoe3 timeline.

“The Mughal Empire , or Mogul Empire , was an early-modern empire”


Back in the days when Forgotten Empires was created, it was still a small mod and the Indians had Middle Eastern architecture and the Taj Mahal which was built in 1631 as wonder.

It definitely is out of the time line :face_with_head_bandage: In the best case, there would be new Indian civs which would show the diversity India has. It bugs me a lot too that this great looking architecture set we have now is only used by one civ, same with the African architecture set which is only used by two civs.


If we go back in AoC times there was only 1 camel civ: the Saracens. So Indians could fill the niche of a new camel civ(and much better than the Tibetans, that were planned first, could have) and it would allow another elephant unit. As of splitting the civ, it’s like saying that since Franks represent both the Germanic tribe (Throwing axeman, Bearded axe) and the medieval France (knight/castle bonus, bad crossbows) we should split the civ. Actually most civs could be split. So why nitpick for India and not the other civs?


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Because India is huge subcontinent. In medieval era it contained a forth of world population and GDP but was not a united political entity and had a large number of cultures, kingdoms and languages. In reality a camel(from Thar desert) never stood before the indian wonder brihadeswar temple(tropical region down south).
It’s like representing Europe as one civilization. It will still be acceptable only if it atleast represents a specific region but not a odd combintion with norse and mediterranean stuff in one civilization.


On the topic of Franks, It at least represents the entire history of medieval France, from the Frankish kingdom to late medieval France. One could argue Occitania, Aquitaine, Normandy, Brittany, etc weren’t always part of medieval France, but for the overall medieval history of France, which AoE2 covers, it was one contiguous state.

But Indians history mentions some Dravidian empires like Chola, Pala and Rashtrakutas, and one of the AI names is a Chola ruler: Rajendra Chola.
Much like how the Slavs includes Polish and Bohemian rulers as AI names, or Tatars with some Kara-Khanid and Gokturk leaders.

Not to mention, the Slavs history description specifically mentions the Bulgarians, despite the latter becoming its own civilization in The Last Khans.

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It has sense because they were from another origin.

The campaigns should show the representative period and branch for each civilization in the game. It seems that Indians in the game is represented by Rajput people in the 12th century mainly, and Slavs in the game might be represented by Rus’ people.

So, the war elephants and the cavaliers in Prithviraj’s campaign are ironic. Actually, Indians is more fit with the war elephants than Persians. they should be the UU of Indians instead of Persians, and Aswaran is more representative for Persians than the war elephants.

Then, almost every Saracens player uses the foot archers or the cavalry archers, it needs to make the camel riders useful again.

Btw, Pole is worth being another civ from Slavs. Pole had the szlachta instead of the boyar.


Even if they have to represent the Rajputs then why get Fishing bonus, why get Brihadeswara(from South India) as Wonder?.. Really strange choices by devs (Camel+Fish).
Also the last mission of Prithviraj Campaign is just completely fictional…


Why not just give Imperial Camel to the Saracens as well?

By game logic, Imperial Camel and Imperial Skirmishers (units with the tag Imperial) are kind of meant to be unique upgrade to only 1 civilization as a second unique unit. Though expanding the concept of imperial upgraded units is yet another nice idea that needs discussion.

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Imperial hussars should be for the last cuv that should be added : Poland (idk if I’m joking oe not ahaahha)


Well, I think Wends people include Pole already. >.0

Imperial Eagles for Aztec because it is the true owner of eagles.
Imperial Cavalry Archers for a hypothetical nomads civ, maybe Scythians.
Imperial Battle Elephants for a hypothetical elephant civ, maybe Siamese, probably too OP.
Imperial Arbalesters for a hypothetical foot archer civ, maybe Nubians, probably too OP.
Imperial Hand Cannoneers or Elite Hand Cannoneers or Musketeers for a hypothetical gunpowder civ, Imperial Bombard Cannons or Falconet for a hypothetical siege civ and Imperial Galleon for a hypothetical navy civ, maybe all Nederlanders, LOL.

Introduce Amazones into the game. All human beings units are female and add Imperial Villagers for them. Just for fun. : )

Yeah, the purpose of the Wends civilization would be to cover both the Bohemians, as well as the Poles, with Great Moravia being the major empire justifying the Wends’ existence in Age of Empires II. West Slavs deserve better than to only be partially covered by other civilizations.

The problem with most of the Imperial suggestions you listed is that the current highest upgrade is already rather expensive, which was not the case for Elite Skirmishers or Heavy Camel Riders. I could definitely imagine an Imperial Arbalester upgrade however, and I don’t think it would be OP for the Nubians considering we already have Elite Longbowmen. It could be a great idea if the hypothetical civilization to get the upgrade has major weaknesses otherwise.

Whatever. There are for fun.
Btw, if Nubians and Netherlanders could be introduced, I would look forward to Nubian Archers of the Eyes who have the ability to ignore the pierce armor, and Dutch Reiters who are cheaper mounted cannoneers to counter the gunpowder units.

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Nubians won’t be very different from Ethiopians. They also have a lot of archery civ bonus.

They did not exist in Aoe2 timeframe.

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