Indians (Vietnamese/Saracens) Civ Updates

  • Change Indians Classification to Elephant and Gunpowder civilization

  • Remove Imperial Camel from Indians tech tree

  • Add Battle Elephant and Elite Battle Elephant to the Indians tech tree
    (and maybe Imperial Battle Elephant)

  • Add Chatras unique tech and remove Sultans unique tech from Indians tech tree
    –Change Chatras to : Elephant units +50 HP and can garrison 1 foot archer unit

  • Change Shatagni unique tech to : Hand Cannoneers +2 range

  • Change Indians Team Bonus to Elephant units Move 10% Faster and do +2 Attack Vs Buildings

  • Remove Chatras from Vietnamese tech tree. Add Sultans to Vietnamese tech tree.
    –Change Sultans to Assassination : Foot Archer and Skirmisher units move 10% faster

  • Add Imperial Camel to Saracens tech tree

  • Change Saracens Archers +1 attack vs. buildings per age to
    Camels +1 attack vs. buildings in Castle Age and +2 attack vs. buildings in Imperial age for a total of +3 vs. buildings

  • Change Madrasah unique tech to : Monks are 33% cheaper

Questions, comments, death threats?

Spanish Bonus…

Add Cholas/Dravidians/Tamils as South Asian civ using Battle Elephants to not disrupt Indians civ design, have every single architecture set used by at least 2 civs and get 18 AOC+18 expansion civs.

I don’t see them completely changing Indians for the sake of historical accuracy.

Your Viet suggestion is completely broken. Free Spies what?