One od the 8 or 10 nations to be in the base game should not miss the Indians.

A new type of village mechanics.No walls.Tents can be easily packed and relocated. And more.

And the Indians were on video. In the first performance.

And probably there was also the USA.

Those are the mongols.
Don’t think they gonna add another civ that will have the same system like another one

For the USA , a possibility maybe the aztecs :slight_smile:

Indians are already in game called delhi sultanate.if you want to complain about the name feel free to join the already created topics.

I think he meant the natives of America, not Indians of India

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Why would native americans be in a medieval age game?

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I mean eventually yes but “Indians” is an umbrella term for hundreds of tribes/states, it would be completely ahistorical to add a unified American Indian civ. Now, Mexica, Maya, Zapotecs, Inca, Chichimeca nations… now we’re talking. But multiple would have to be released together for it to make sense imo.

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During the Middle Ages the Inca were the largest empire on the planet.


Without spanish americans are isolated.if you dont have spain as a faction its useless to have the new world.

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Not to mean any disrespect but the Chinese were a much larger state. The Song dynasty’s height was almost 100 million while the Incan Empire’s peak was only 10 million. The Song dynasty in just territory alone is much much larger.

The Song dynasty was during the Middle Ages.

Also technically the Incan Empire only came into existence at the very end of the medieval period.