Indivisual list the most urgent patches

  1. HRE and Delhi’s spearman cannot prevent cavalry’s charging.

  2. Besides that, Delhi has too many bugs and has to reduce the time to upgrade too long in imp
    The same goes for HRE’s priest bug

  3. It is necessary to control RUS’ mounted archer and Chinese firelancer. They are too powerful for cost and operational difficulty.

  4. We need to change Mongolia’s Tower rush. Mongolia can defeat its opponents or make them very poor without taking any risks from the beginning. Also, the production of troops using stones is too strong. Instead, mangudai needs a buff.

  5. Scout should not be produced in the hunting hut of the RUS. This is one of the reasons why the current RUS is strong.

  6. The Chinese clock tower unit has too much performance.

  7. Map ban system is essential. This is basically composed of multi-RTS games that I know. A lot of games are being dodged now. Players must have the right to prohibit their main civ from hard maps and have the option of water maps or water-free maps. This system is essential because some maps have a very broken balance. You can also save time wasted by Dodge.

  8. It is necessary to adjust the mid-to-late porous siege weapon spam. Despite the spring gold’s nuff, the siege weapon is still very powerful. As I said in other threads, I think they need to increase their required population significantly. Currently, more than 10 cannons dominate the mid-to-late part.

  9. It requires more convenient observing and replay functions without bugs. This is essential for the progress of the competition or for individual study.

  10. Finally, server issues are occurring these days. The number of users is decreasing, but there is a lot of time when the server stumbles. We have to solve this problem.

  1. Multiple ovoo exploit must be fixed asap because mongols can become terminators in TG thanks to ,infinite, stone.
  2. Game droppers must be perma-banned aka hide match history feature MUST be totally removed from game as it benefit only for cheaters and for nobody else at all OR this entire problem has to be fixed by other way.

I agree on the vast majority of points. I hope it is not too late.


It’s too late already but they have to do their best


I agree with what you said. It’s more reasonable. There are Bug in the game that need to be fixed, which is very important.

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  1. Often siege does no damage even though it fires
  2. Often siege just stands still and does not attack or go on to other queued orders.
  3. Dehli scholars queued to a mosque with a relic will pick the relic out of the mosque. They should just go into the mosque or stand next to it.
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