Industrial Age Units

I think there should be more Industrial Age Units.

In AoE1 and AoE2 there were many new unit types that were unlocked in Iron Age and Imperial Age.
In AoE3 we have Horse Artillery, Mortar and that’s it for most civilisations. Some get no new unit at all.
The Italians get one unit that isn’t a cannon, the Bersagliere.

I think it would be nice if more civilisations would unlock additional units in Industrial Age.
Those units should be something the civilisation doesn’t have already and it should be a unit that isn’t just a generic unit that many other civilisations have.

Some ideas


Needle Gunner

  • Musketeer
  • Very high rate of fire (1.5 instead of 3.0)
  • Mediocre in melee (only x2.0 vs Cavalry)

This unit would fill a gap for the Germans. The high rate of fire would make them unique and fit into the theme.
They would use the iconic “Pickelhaube” helmets that used to be synonymous with Germany.

Royal Guard Skirmisher just gets a different name.


Imperial Guard

Soldado type Musketeer that benefits from Promotions (Young Guard, Middle Guard and Old Guard). The Promotions are stronger then any other Promotions.
Charged Grenade Attack.
Also costs 2 population.

I think the game needs some more cool Napoleonic units and this would be the most recognisable one.


Ski Infantry

Skirmisher unit that used skis.
Maybe they should be a Denmark-Norway unique unit in case that civilisation is added.

They’d look perfectly on African maps.


Guerilla Fighter

The same principle as Mounted Infantry from the Habsburg Royal House.
Heavy Ranged Cavalry when on horseback.
Rifle Infantry when dismounted.

This unit would fill in the roles of Skirmisher and Heavy Cavalry that are both not really filled for the Aztecs.
Perfect in combination with the ERK.


Bolas Rider

Basically the same as the Native unit.
Inca don’t have any Dragoon like unit. Bolas Warrior are something different.


Imperial Rifleman

Durable Skirmisher. Giving Japan a better unit against heavy Infantry.

They represent the soldiers that fought during the Boshin War that ended the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Wearing modern uniforms and being equipped with modern Rifled Muskets.