Infantry and Barracks lack varieties compared to other military units and building

It came to my mind while writing the thread. But other than Heavy Pikeman all are just reskin of Longswordsman.

Lets make things interesting the new barrack unit(regardless of stats) should be a female unit.

Maybe they should have a food only unit in the barracks comparable to the aoe1 axeman

That way meso civs have something to just dump only food into like hussar civs can

And gives some unit variety. Its gotta be a kind of a spam throw it meatshield unit, not very powerful and without any bonus damage vs anything

Ironically it won’t. Those ranged or cavalry units are not just infantry killer, they are multi purpose. They are all good at raiding. And other than direct counter units like spear/skirm, usually do very satisfactory against everything else.

Well, not necessarily anymore. Obuch is pretty tanky and it is not situational. In fact it is the best multipurpose infantry of the game. Serjeant is seen all the time now, and they are both tanky and slow. But not situational.

Sad elephant noises. They are more useful than infantry though thanks to closed maps and TG.

or simply add +2 cavalry armor with gambeson