Infantry showdown

now i must ask: is wootz steel too good?
viking have infantry focus but berserks die like flies

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the urumi swordsman has a charged trample attack, they destroy basically every other infantry in mass battles just because of that.

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so urumi swordsman is FU with ignore armor AND charge AND trample damage?

Idk if they have trample in general, but the charge seemingly has.
I think somebody already pointed out that they seem to don’t have the best infantry among the infantry civs so it would make sense they gave them that urumi to be especially good against other infantry like some other infantry civs also have units that are designed for that role.

They don’t win vs Samurai in equal numbers.

I think they have one the best infantry of the game plus Halberdiers


I think the trample damage IS the charge attack. It only seems to happen at the start.

Yes, they lose to a unit design to counter unique units


Nope lol. Viking infantry was always considered to be pretty mid

And I dont see how it woukd be OP. You just seem to be exagerating how big it is


Then what about their Berserks outclassing Champions, getting +20% HP and Chieftains’ bonus vs Cavalry as well as Berserkergang?
What are the Vikings if not an Infantry civ? Even their Archers aren’t FU anymore.



Urumis also won against Jaguar Wariors! Against unit DESIGN to klii other Infantry.
And some people were crying about Urumis being underpowered…


I don’t think we should resort to logic from a historical point of view when discussing balance problems. But I also don’t see an Urumi soldier doing more than a scratch to full plate armour.


I am from Odisha. I am Odia.

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That’s insane, like watching a fight of Halberdiers vs Light Cavalry. But are those Urumi swords a lot more vulnerable to archers or cavalry?

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TBH, so far they look like a Jaguar 2.0. I think this unit will have the same fate as them. Good only against infantry. But just like Aztecs, Dravidians have above average militia line to deal with enemy infantry. So no point to make a castle UU.

They are not just good vs Infantry. Unlike Jaguars, their charged attack is huge against everyone, and despite being theoreticaly weak to archers, when they reach them they will just anihilate them, because Archers are in most cases low health units. And if this innitial strike has also splash damage, they will be even stronger.

Perhaps Lets wait and see. Too early to comment the strength? Need to see how well it complements the whole civ

Yeah, true.
I should not come to conclusion. But what I’ve seen from all the streams from people that got early access, this is the least used/trained UU. And I don’t see any role this unit can perform that other Dravidians units can’t.

Theoretically yes. Practically machine gun skirmisher goes brrrrrrr.

They will probably be seen against Eagles civs the most. But then again, 50% cheaper militia line upgrade cost looks so much appealing.