Infantry UU buff in Imperial Age

I´m relatively new here, i know the game for many years, and i´ve played since some time now, but i haven´t really play online that much, although i try to simulate it in my army compositions in skirmish. Anyway, i say this to admit that i do not know for sure if my opinion is justified or i´m just crazy xd.

I should start by saying that infantry is my favorite type of unit, specially units like champions and other UU similar to the champion; so to not make this larger than it should be, i just feel infantry UU need at least a small buff, champions on its own are not like an OP unit, they have a lot of disadvantages and not really many advantages in comparison with the other two type of units, the paladin and the arbalest, they are the only one that can be considered to be not OP in my opinion, but at least they are cheap, they are both the less intensive gold unit, and now with supplies, the less total resources unit.

So i would say although champions are not as good as i would may want them to be, i think specially with supplies they are good, not OP but fine enough and a reliable unit, but now, i liked the relation with the champions and the infantry UU like the champions before supplies, meaning, that the UU were a little more powerful, but they too, costed a liittle more than champions, so i think before supplies both units were underpowered, so supplies in my humble opinion was a good change, but now UU are still the same, so now champions are relatively good, but UU need a corresponding buff, because now UU are a little stronger than champions but cost at least 38.461538% more in total res but 50% more in gold, so it´s a huge difference.

I also am talking about late game mainly, i mean imperial age of course, because i was glad that a recent patch buffed most infantry UU in the castle age, but just that, just in castle, in my opinion that was great, but i feel like the same could be done to imperial age, revert or even increase the upgrade cost again, but buff the stats a little.

I honestly didn´t understand why the buff was only for castle, was a great buff to the base unit but i think it shouldn´t hurt one that buffed imperial, elite stats like the buffed stats from castle, now some infantry UU feel a bit underwhelming… Thanks for the attention and any suggestion or comment, critique also, would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Dude. Paragraphs. Use them. Please for thr love of god


Spliting the thread into paragraph is easier to read.

I believe Karambit warrior can be buff a bit.


Comparing the militia line to archers and knights is fundamentally flawed because the infantry line is supposed to be weak to knights and archers. Even the in game tech tree will tell you this.

The militia line is primarily used as support units and aren’t supposed to compose the core of your army. They have distinct advantages over archers and knights in lower gold cost, lower training time, and no trash weakness.

Except many infantry unique units already have distinct advantages over the militia line. Do I think some of them could use some love? Absolutely. But as a whole infantry do there job just fine.

Because castle age infantry uu are rarely if ever seen, whereas imp are.
Personally the big one that needs a buff is the samurai.


Yeah, i might not needed to write that, because as i said, champions do not need really anything, at least not that much, they are fine as you say although i do sometimes think the others are a little OP.

Ahhh haha that´s my fav unit, and that´s basically why i wrote this, samurai more than anything, although some others like the jaguar warrior or berserk could also use a little buff, later i might make suggestions, i just had to see first if my opinion is shared, thanks for replying.

Berserks are absolutely fine

Nowadays the samurai is pretty much the only UU that suffers from competition from its civ’s champion. All other infantry UU either have a different role anyway, or do something much better while having a lower upgrade cost.