Infinite gold bug using Chinese trader

Selecting a Chinese returning trader and then pressing Q and left click repeatedly on your market when the trader is close to the market can just make infinite gold. I would say it is even more broken than Rus relic bug.


how many bugs will we discover by shift-clicking different commands …

is that chinese only bug or works with other civs too?

No idea, haven’t tested yet.

We appreciate you pointing this out @Invoker233. I’ve logged this so we can look into a fix. Much appreciated!

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This is the step to use the BUG

  1. Select Chinese, and then get into the game
  2. Upgrade to the second age, build a market and produce merchant
  3. When the merchant has gold, Select it, close to the market and click Q, then click on the market. You can get gold
  4. Quick click on Q and market, so cycle, you can get unlimited gold
  5. More merchant operate together, efficiency will double !

I hope I can make it clear, my English is limited


Add, don’t let merchants deliver gold normally, just get close to the market

it is reproducible. only when you play china, handover resource with Q+mouse-left-bottom quickly won’t remove the resource from merchant while gold was added. do it repeatly can gain a lot of gold in a very short time.


This is a gold graph, I already ran into this in my 4v4 game, teal dude got 12k gold at 10 minute mark with 1 merchant with in 15 seconds.

rip, not another bug :frowning:

tried. it works for china

Ya’ll see teal’s 10 minute gold spike? LOL WTF! He was playing Chinese this game too, lololol.

even some Chinese youtuber made vods on how to replicate this bug on Chinese youtube, bilibili.

Guys, let’s put some more flowers on the tomb of this game.

GG, can’t play this game, if you don’t check after game, you won’t even notice people are using bug like this. LOL

At least Abba bug you can tell someone using it. This ? Pick Chinese and GG. lmao


Yeah, game breaking. They gotta fix that. Its on reddit already. Relic team prolly know by now.

Ya my friend posted on reddit, just wanted to post it here, since this will most likely be on the “known issue tracking” list again by next patch note, and we will see even more abuser, lol. So just spreading some love here before they do, since they don’t care.


Is this not the imperial hp upgrade and cancel building exploit? Is there another one just for chinese? Please no …

Yeah another one, you only need tier 2 feudal age Chinese with market to abuse it, looool. Welcome, so early you can’t even do ■■■■ to them :smiley:

What the … just found it in the bug section of the forums. Well. Probably at least another week till they hotfix the next game breaking bug. I wonder if I can ever play team games again. Sad…

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thanks for the report but im realy scared how many of this bugs arnt found or even publisht/reported yet. There will be still some sneaky poketpicks hold back…

WTF man… more and more game breaking bugs, now i have to dodge abbi AND chinese games… naw im just done playing this bs. so many hoops you have to jump through just to make sure your not getting exploited.

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ya , bugs after bugs, this is driving me insane.