Infinite native cards cannot resend until all are dead, bug or feature?

I noticed that cards such as the Dutch age IV carib blowgunner card, the French native mantlet card, or the German native Hasburg? age IV card say they are unlimited, but if you try to send it a second time it says ‘you have already sent this card’. If you wait until every single one of the original units are dead, then it allows you to send the card again.

Is this as intended or a bug? It kind of sucks to have to wait until they are all dead to send it again, and there isn’t this restriction for non native cards (which cost population). I think if there is a build limit of say, 15, you should be able to send the card again as long as there are 14 or less, not zero.

intended cause otherwise u can do some funny stuff like say delete one unit to send the shipment again and you think thats not too bad until china hits you with back to back rattan shields that arrive instantly

Actually the delete 1 to send again works for specific natives. But the natives respect a particular build limit

It works cause for some shipment the build limit is higher then the shipment itself so you send again until it hits the limit, the otto infinite native falls into this category and if you get say the increased build limit card it may also allow you to send more in specific cases.

But for most of the inifnite shipment the number the shipment sent is the build limit.

As Dutch I had to lose every single one before I could build more that doesn’t seem right.

I think they base the number in the shipment off of unit cost rather than native build limit.

Portuguese has to lose basically all their Tupi before sending them again (build limit is either 15 or 16 and the card sends 15).

I think most civs have to lose at least almost all of them before sending more. I am curious, who can lose a small number and send more?

The otto quilzbash the the most notable example, the build limit is like 20 I think but the shipment only sends 8

The Aztec infnite zaptotec also has a build limit of 30 but you only send 17

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Another thing to keep in mind regarding the native build limit is they have seperate limit between the homecity version and the trading post version. For example sending the Port inf Tupi on Amazonia will not count toward their trading post brethren limit on the map and vice versa.

This is how they behave in legacy and the first release of DE, now I’m not sure about the new native like the Tengri, Qizilbash, African, and European native, whether they count as same unit or not.

Want to add that cards that increase native build limit for yourself of for the team also increase the limit of infinite native unit shipment, so for example if you have dutch ally who send team nat train limit as brit you can send the infinite cherokee card again when you down to 2 cherokee riflemen isntead of have to wait for all to die
Their build limit is 13 units with team card it goes to 15.

For big button and other non-native cards, you are able to go over the pop cap, I think it should be the same for native cards. For example you can send 7 mantlets as long as you have 1 pop space (and thus go 6 pop over the pop limit), but you can’t send 17 carib blowgunners unless all of the blowgunners are dead.

Thats because those are either one time or have low pop value to account for the infinite shipments.

civs basically get infinite shipments to overpop and then an infinite native shipment to further supplement their army which depending on shipments is +20 to +50 military pop

What you propose would be another +10-15 military pop on top of that and it would also interact with the native build limit cards