Information about new DLC not showing on homepage

Hi devs,
not sure if proper forum/section for this.

I just wanted to point out that the news articles related to Mountain Royals DLC are not showing on homepage whatsoever, and hence can easily be missed. In the subpage News - Age of Empires they are however visible.

I check the AOE website regularly to see updates to AOE2DE and was surprised to see community talking about new DLC, streamers posting new videos with details and the website having (apparently) no official information. Did not realise these news were “hidden” away from homepage. If this wasn’t intentional, can you maybe look into it?

PS: Thanks for all the awesome updates to the game!

Hi @DodoNotDoDo, This topic may be of interest to you.

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Looks like maybe there was just a delay in the news getting posted there. The articles do show up now. Thanks for pointing it out though!