Ingame 50 MB Patch does not apply, can only play offline

Hello Mods,

I need help! Since last Friday, everytime I start AoE4 the Game says: "A patch ist necessary for playing online…
Then I download the 50 MB and then it says. End Game and Restart.

No matter how often I do it, it wants me to patch end the game every single time… Itreid to logout from xbox and Microsoft store. I Updatet Grafikcard drivers.

I even deinstalled the game, and reinstalled it.

Nothing helps.

Please let me know, what to to!


Do you have one drive running?


is that a problem?

but i think it was offline, when the problem first occured.

One Drive syncing your My Games folder has caused some hiccups in the past.

Also give this article a try and see if it helps anything @Treiber87: Error: “Unable to Retrieve Patch” – Age of Empires Support

If you are still having problems, I recommend contacting support from the bottom of that article. Please do report back and let us know what works. Thanks!