Ingame response delay

When playing aoe4, there is a big response delay of probably 0.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds depending on the match, which is incredibly frustating.
May it be clicking on a technology to research it, giving a move- or attack-command to a unit or building a building.
This game is incredibly multitasking- and macro-heavy, so even the smallest delay adds to the stress and making mistakes.

Please work on this.

My fps are always above 60 (60Hz screen), I’m using reduced graphics settings and only 1080p resolution to ensure this.
My hardware is:
Xeon E3 1231V3, GTX1070, 16GB (2*8GB) ddr3 1600MHz ram.
99.99% it’s not my pc, which is causing the issue.

It’s been 3 weeks and there is no reply.
Maybe DEVs have missed the thread?

Fixing this problem is super important for smooth competitive gameplay.

not a dev here, but have you had any network change lately? Have you tried the single player skirmish against AI? Does it have same behavior? If it doesn’t, then it is most likely your network issue. Or the players you are getting matched, when you go into the lobby, are you selecting the right server based on your location / ping preference?

If you are having a delay that long you have a problem.

The game has a tick rate that is slower than many other games, but it is still 8 ticks per second.