Input lag in multiplayer

Greetings, short and simple, I have noticable input lag(example-clicks on a vilager to move from location a to location b, after noticable delay, he starts to move) in multiplayer games which is not present in singleplayer, I am from south-eastern EU and connected to EUW server(closest to me) with about 60-70ms. Could that be an issue?


I live in germany and experience the same. I have 22 ms to EUW and 26 ms to UK servers. However in Multiplayer matches I have considerable delay in actions which feels more like 200 ms. I can instantly feel the difference when playing a match against an A.I.
I also have a 100 Mbps connection which works perfectly for everything else.

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same here, did you find a fix or is this just normal?

No I didn’t find a fix, I simply decided to live with it xD. I just would like an info is it me or is it the servers.

I have the same issue, no problem with ping and no issues for other games, but really game breaking latency in multiplayer. I tried with other servers but no luck. I hope they fix this asap because it’s ruining the experience for me

This is not issue with server, Every match is player hosted. All lags you get coming from host.
Create your own match then you will have lag free!


what?? 50 is bad?