Input Latency on DE? Help me please

Hey everyone, I created this post on behalf of my friend who cannot stand playing DE because of a technical issue introduced several patches ago.

The issue is a slight input lag (50 - 100 ms) on all his input commands like switching between buildings and using control groups/hotkeys. This happens both in singleplayer and multiplayer matches, so I am fairly sure it’s not ping related.

Also on a side note: My friend currently is 1800+ elo in 1v1 on DE and is a very competitive player on Voobly.

Some additional info:

  • My friend’s PC should be overkill hardware wise for DE. (Especially compared to my laptop)
  • Hardware Drivers have been reinstalled.
  • DE has been reinstalled.
  • Windows 10 has been completely reinstalled as well.
  • Problem does not happen on Voobly or HD (or any other game for that matter).
  • Problem did not happen during his early days playing on DE. (problem occurred around patch 36202 in late May, not 100% sure)
  • Problem seemingly fixes itself at random but brief moments

Is there anyone that had or have seen this issue before?

This question has been posted on reddit before, unfortunately the suggestions didn’t work for the problem at hand. URL:

Thank you very much for reading this post. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated.