1. More hotkeys 2. Conflicts allowed 3. Not only f1 etc. 4. Control a for all units on screen is a good add 5. Pause button 6. All what Drongo mentioned when he heard about the hotkeys. 7. Possibility to allow mouse bindings 8. What they are working on and expected time of arrival. They can even say minus or plus 2 weeks. No problem. 9. What can you expect after launch insight of devs. 10. What changes after beta were made 11. Recorded games, score in game, map visible after game, lobby makingwill this be in game? How many maps 15. Which game settings are possible? 16 beginner guide? 17: how many campaign? 18 taunts? 19. Are there cheats? 20. Microsoft tournaments?
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I’d suggest pressing Enter right before every number in your list.



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Haha yes, it was on my phone and that option was not available.

Would like to add that for hotkeys I think there are 3 types of players:

  1. Those that will follow the grid and the new options completely (mostly newer player who did not use hotkeys before).
  2. Those like Drongo who will use the grid but will make some adjustments to it and maybe want to change some hotkeys to it (that will be possible) or add extra hotkeys that are not present yet but are in age of empires 3. (Here is work to be done: already said by Drongo also). There are at least 30 hotkeys missing.
  3. The full legacy players that will want to change all hotkeys to their aoe2 or aoe3 setting. Some hotkeys are not able to be changed (needs fixing). And not all hotkeys are present in the game yet.

I think a grid playstyle would be ideal and should be possible where when you have selected a vill and do w s for example to make a mill this should be possible. But it should also be possible to find and select a barracks with w and make some spearman with s for example. These conflicts should be possible. It speeds the game and makes it more fun.

Now my left hand is only ready to make buildings.

The F1,F2, F3 buttons and tab are not enough to quickly find buildings and queue units.

In age 3 I do b for all barracks and then a to make skirms in for example 3 barracks.
In age 4 I want this too. Not f1 tab tab click symbol of unit.

+: the civs seem very balanced
: I made a excel and the units seem very balanced
: you added some extra hotkeys that were not present in aoe3 which were good. (select all units on screen etc.
: Mongols are a very new kind of playstyle