Inquisition and Missionary

Just now, I finished watching Vinchester’s Spanish vs. Running’s Byzantines Arena match.
Vinchester shown the power of the Inquisition and reverse the game. What a smart strategy.

It can be seen that the Inquisition is not a completely useless technology. However, even in this rare occasion where monks are used heavily, Vinchester did not use the Missionaries at all. I am wondering why not combine this niche unit with this niche tech to get them used a little bit more.

First, make Missionaries useful.

  • +2 range, as equal as Monks.
  • Able to pick up Relics, but moving as slow as Monks when holding Relics.
  • Convert faster, like having the effect of the original Inquisition.

In this way, Missionaries will be completely better than regular Monks. However, they will no longer be able to be trained directly at the monastery until Inquisition is researched, because they will become the upgrade version of Monks for the Spanish, and the effect of Inquisition will be changed into upgrading Monks to Missionaries.

In conclusion, Inquisition will be better because more powerful monk units are available. Missionaries also get more opportunities to be seen. There’s also not much impact on balance, as the Spanish monk rush is still a niche strategy. Well, the cost of the Inquisition can be increased if necessary.

It’s just an idea, take it easy.

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so after all these changes, why exactly would i go for normal monks instead of missionaries which are better in every situation?


I like the concept. Not a bad idea. But would prefer a minor buff to missionaries themselves.

That way we aren’t forced into making a castle taking a UT just to access a unit who’s utility drops off with time (becomes harder to micro later in the game)

Also wondering how strong 12 range missionaries will be…?(with block printing)

Currently they’re max 10.

All in all wouldn’t mind seeing this tested in a PUP or something

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Missionaries will be the upgrade version of Monks. Just the upgrade technology is UT instead a tech at Monastery.

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exactly. give us situations where the missionary is better, and situations where the monk is better.

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yeah that seems like a waste. just make situations where missionaries are better, and situations where monks are better.

I don’t know if it’s a waste, but I feel that competition between monks and missionaries may not be possible. Theirs have the same job, so once missionaries have a shorter range than monks, people will always use monks, and once the range is the same, people will always use missionaries.

So I start thinking about other ways rather than just simply buffing them.

Yeah. I also stated that it will be still a niche strategy. Just try to make it better than the status quo.

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Even 8 range missionaries might be worth a try? (And able to carry relics with a speed malice)

Or potentially even changing further stats and cost. As in the missionary gets the full 9 range but is 120g (just an example)

Or for example gets 8 range and is 100g 20w. So the choice of the monk is when resources are more limited.

Once the unit carrying the relic cannot be overtaken by light cavalry, it will obviously not be accepted. :sweat_smile:

I had suggested it too before, and I also let Missionary as slow as Monks when holding Relics.

Well, apparently the dev haven’t responded to the ideas of simply tweaking the stat values like these.

In this way, Missionaries will be completely better than regular Monks. However, they will no longer be able to be trained directly at the monastery until Inquisition is researched

Oh no… So you basically turned Missionaries into an Elite Monks. Brilliant.
Instead of making it viable in a creative way you made them another post-boom heavy investment unit.

At that point we may as well remove monks of their tech tree

Which tbh its not the worst idea

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You can not use the light cavalry after you research the hussar upgrade.
Why cannot people understand? Is my English poor?


Ah yeah my bad

I just saw the changes to the Missionary

Although I would rather give them better monks before Inquisition since Spain needs alternatives to Conqs

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Hahaha, okay.

Inquisition is researchable in the Castle age, so the Missionaries can be trainable in the Castle age.
In addition, Inquisition is quite cheap now, and its cost is adjustable.


Yeah but by the time you get a castle up you may as well go with Conqs

Its not bad, but I just think some monks and (amaybe) skirms bonuses before the castle would just amke Spain more fun

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I have idea how to make Missionaries different than Monks slightly.

Before all, Buff LoS to the level of monk.
Second, allow them to carry relics. Carrying relics is 1/3 of monk roles. While carrying Relics, Missionary have speed of Monk.
Second, buff basic speed to level of Knight after Fervor(it will be 1,17 instead of 1,1), so they will be able to keep up with Cav Army
Third, buff recruitment time from 51s to 41s (20%, faster, basicly Lithuanian Bonus)
Fourth, buff their Faith Regeneration from 62s to 46s (25% faster)

So you will be able to field them faster and they will be on Relics faster, and also will be better with conversion of units, but to counter Siege you will still need normal Monks.

Maybe they can be a little more expensive.

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Of course. The monk rush itself is already niche, not to mention to compare with Conqs.
I had also stated that.

My purpose is not to make the monk rush compete with the Conqs, but simply to let the player have a better ability as a monk civ once they have to use monks (like Vinchester in this match), and give Missionaries more opportunities to be seen.

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Try giving constructive criticism for once. Instead of just insulting people’s ideas, explain why it’s a problem and how it could be fixed in your view. It’s like you want the status quo, but then also complain about it.


I would go watch how survivalist uses missionaries then ask yourself if missionaries are weak or if most players are generating a self fulfilling prophecy of:

believing them to be weak → not spending time optimizing/theory crafting → their use is not optimized → their empirical performance is weak.

Its key to remember there is a difference between the best available data for estimating something and an objectively good or optimal dataset.

Surv is the dude that can make siege tower + random infantry UU work so it’s more on the player than the unit.

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