Inquisition and Missionary

Ofc it’s not. It’s a pretty good tech. The problem is just that on arena for some reason people often go conqs which frankly isn’t a good strat for 1v1. I mean as you could see in the tourney (which btw is played on a variation of arena that is way better for conq play than ladder arena) everytime someone went conqs he lost.

Monk rush into forward castle fast imp inquisition monks is a really strong strategy here.

You take arena as the base of your argument. Monk rush is everything but niche here. It’s a totally common strat. And for all other maps monk UTs and monk UU don’t matter to begin with.

Missionaries should be a conversion specialist. Same range as monks and faster work (conversion) rate. Monks should remain a strong generalist. Better healing and ability to grab relics. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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I like this. Having Missionaries replace Monks and becoming a straight up better version of the unit that takes bonus damage from Spears as a downside.

Absolutely against buffing a Monk that can kite…

They could make Missionaries slightly slower than they currently are to compensate.

What do you mean by this? As I understand it, kiting with archers means moving and shooting. But, if you give a monk/ missionary a move command after a convert command, it cancels the conversion and you have to start over again.

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I mean that Missionaries if overbuffed would be largely immune to traditional Monk counters (Scout due to greater escape speed, and Crossbows due to greater speed of disengage after a conversion + more HP).

At that point, a force of 10 Missionaries would be nearly uncounterable, you micro and convert 10 Crossbows, run away and wait for faith to restore, rinse & repeat.

Basic Monk is already arguably too strong, with Sanctity Scouts don’t rly counter Monks anymore.

I would give missionaries the same range and healing rate as monks.

Scouts are much faster than missionaries, even with FU. Xbow can kill during the conversion process.

That sounds like it would take a lot of time and effort. Not worth it for me, atleast. Also, they would be vulnerable while recharging.

That has not been my experience. Light cav have reliably killed monks for me.


The idea that Inquisition can upgrade Monks to Missionaries should have the greatest impact on the situation where a large number of Monks may be required in the late game of closed maps, which would be able to get a better experience than now. Only this. Now the Spanish really don’t look like a monk civilization, at least let’s have a chance to see Missionaries in the rare occasions mentioned above. Other than that, this change is unlikely to affect meta. Missionaries will need a Castle and research the tech to get it. I believe this will not change the common castle age monk siege rush, because players should not have the spare energy to get missionaries.

you can watch Daut’s recent stream, he played a ton of Arena/Clown Arena, you can see that 1v1 Scout vs Sanctity Monk (requires 4 hits to kill by Scout and 3 by Light cav iirc) can go either way I’d say it’s even in the favor of the Monk.

I wouldn’t say “much”. Regardless, it’s about having enough speed to kite back to TC/Castle. Missionaries have a higher “effective range” from which they can safely kite back to a defensive building compared to Monks.

Clown Arena players have gotten so good at Monk micro that now Crossbow/Arbalest very barely counters their all-in Monk style. You propose to buff a faster monk with more HP…