Insider signup done properly, finally I get over it. Done

I signed up for insider several times to ensure that the survey is done properly.

1 ::: I signup for insider by clicking on few links. I asked on forum for insider badge as the badge for insider was mentioned in this forum in some post.

2 ::: I actually signup for insider using This is the actual link to insider signup but not few links here and there

3 ::: Today one of the guys posted about aoe 2 de insider settings on this webpage And, I noticed that I didn’t signup to recieve emails.


  1. I signed up for insider on today and

  2. I made sure that every check mark is green on

Now, I am properly signed up for insider and the date I successfully completed the survey accurately on July 17th 2019 Indian Standard Time.

Hoping to get an invite.

First signup was done a month ago. Accurate signup was done today. I hope I get an invite. Thanks.

edit - Update :::::

Wave Date Invites
1st June 18th 1,500
2nd June 24th >1,500
3rd July 16th >1,500

I missed the train all because I signed up on july 17th 2019?

All problems can be solved after reading this Frequently Answered Questions faq