I noticed that people have the abbreviation IN in their portrait. Insiders.

I also registered for Beta. I fulfilled everything and I don’t have the IN mark there.


thank you for the advice


Hi @BeetleRock203671, Please see my reply to one of your other posts for help. Sorry, I made a mistake. There was another forum user with the same request and I mixed them up.

What was the result of this? I am trying to find your response and Beetlerock’s post to no avail.

Hi @BeetleRock203671 and @MarZhill7801,

Are you logged into the forums with the same account used to register as an insider? If you are, please submit a request on for your insider forum badge.

Is this an issue with most new Insiders? I’m guessing it’s manually applied and not an automatic system when some one signs up?

Hi @GabrielPendrag, It should automatically apply after registration. Since there are a lot of new insiders after the fan preview it may have broke something on the back end.

I completely registered with thé Insiders.
I filled everything.
By email
And i received a verification email

Its Okay, Now i can be United to thé Beta Test

But i dont have a name,im Age Insiders.