Inspiration for the future

Steppe Lancers should move in close first only seek attack target at 2 range if they are close. mode button for distance attack kiting or dps/phalanx mode

normal infantery could use 1.5 and make steppe lancers 2.5
that way theres two lines of pikemen and such fighting, making them much more viable. first attack should always be on a hidden? charge in order to make charging viable by allowing one attack with movement, makes for new animations but god damn that opens a lot of options for infantry gameplay. yeah charging again costs stamina but once you are moving it makes sense…

completely fixes meele gameplay and makes archers maybe open options for split fire on target or focus fire target also with mode, yes much more macro intensive but the combat gameplay gets so much better its absolutely worthwile. needs more palisading for villagers which makes basebuilding more strategic.

The way you upgrade aoe 2 is by making very logical things but add detail, yes its logical for people to understand this ability, no “phase reactor” isn’t obvious without learning. What makes aoe 2 attractive to the larger community is the way you know middle age things, an ability like phalanx mode makes sense, no wiki research needed (in utopia other story:).

garrison gameplay mode where barracks can have a few units to spawn instantly (without costing pop space). makes for interesting gameplay by making map control much more important. you can have tcs at resource points, allowing bigger map gameplay and more spread out, constant attack at different locations by allowing spawning of squads of 5 with attack order.

inspiration comes a bit from stronghold crusader, but in aoe2 it would be more like having defenses, making towers much more important, maybe create maps with rock deposits which are much larger in a cave sort of? this allows more for maps which seems like a huge castle age fight between different bases. let imperial cost much more because it makes sieging a completely different story. the idea is avg 2h games. Start first base with a feudal age town? Makes exploring the map and skirmishes possible.

We have the setup of a game that allows 8 players on giant maps, so having one vs one on large maps might be terrific, maybe even 2 players controling same pop for coop :slight_smile:
This game mode makes for games that have more up and downs, more chances for strikes good plays strategic action and less punishing = instant loss
Makes Relic Carts (slow but strong) a thing, in order for relic gameplay to be a much more interesting part of the game.

omg the custom map potential… more units to control and you can do a strike via sea at the main city (with relic carts), cause it uses the trade route with its port.

maybe neutral objectives on the map - abandoned villages (monks to convert) cause they know incoming combat. that way you can steal a herd of sheep, maybe ressources… heros?

make naval more like aoe 4 idea is to learn from eachother… create another game to improve the best game, why not? The way projectiles work it’s clearly possible to create broadside firing ships. with 2 players you can micro demos and such much better

make units temporarily player only, that way you can control big armys in spectacular ways.


Can units even attack and move at the same time in this engine? I agree that that would fix a lot of the clunkiness of the game and would be great for things like cavalry archers. But is it even possible?

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I wish that can happen…

That is one of the things that made the Huns so great.

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Rams to work on trees, takes time but allows strategic gameplay with wooden terrain and walling forests off which seems very movie like :slight_smile:

Castle Age >–Imperial—x
Resource cost as i mentioned above.
The amazing part is the entire sieging before cannons arrived. Medieval movies aren’t about a pistol fight, are they? Jannisarry :drooling_face:

It’s about Castles and Walls… Defensive and aggressive gameplay, to create balanced games which create tension between these aspects, Stone shouldn’t be the smallest resource available. Kind of paradox

The idea is to create maps which are unplayed for tournaments. Yes normal non random gen maps (normal world scenario) always have strategical points. Towers on a cliff, Gates at Forest openings, stronger Trees in Forests, Harbor Locations, Trade Routes, rest is inspired by a real world time we feast upon with medias for a reason. Why not show your knowledge in your strategic gameplay?

Forestry is an ago old profession for a reason. Make zones which you want prioritized by workers in an Area.

Remember 2 player coop one civ - scouting and such is a huge mission → coach for gameplan :+1:

ehhh it’s so easy, why isn’t it like that already mimimimim yeah you could’ve done the post yourself you didn’t because you are an instant gratification ######
hinthint, that’s at the idiots which aren’t happy we have something to look forward to. It’s about the mindset to approach longterm gratification.

Work at your problems now, make money now, have time once the game is in a state where every game is an epic adventure. You just want instant gratification to distract from giving yourself attention. You are bored by your life because instant gratification is more important, due to lack of long term achievements. hence do before mentioned

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