Insta-training of artillery?

Usually three training speed upgrades allow for insta-training. The church gives one for inf. & cav. and there usually is one card for inf. & another for cav… The third upgrade is hard to get as it should be. The Russians have it for their infantry and the Cheyenne can give it to cavalry.

Artillery is another matter. No church upgrade. Some rare civs. do have an artillery card (“engineering school”), like the Ottomans. (The card only marginally speeds up factory artillery, if at all, so no risk of insta-training there). There used to be just one “team” artillery card (the Chinese). But with DE, this has changed. The Swedes have now got one as well!
Does this mean the Swedes can now have insta-artillery with a Chinese ally? Or the Ottomans (or French) w. their strong artillery, as long as they are allied to both the Chinese and Swedes?

Has anyone tested this out yet?

If that’s the case, I feel it’s fine for the Ottomans (or French), as one can know it’s coming and it basically costs two allies, which is massive. But for the Swedes, requiring just one ally, it would seem to me a tad too strong, considering their artillery is also very strong. If they can get to insta-artillery, I think their “engineering school” card should be removed.