Installed from WS but can't find it?


After purchasing it, its been 3 days (slow connection and slow download speed) that i’m installing/downloading AoE III DE from the Windows store.

Today it finally finished! But I cant find it anywhere?
When I open the Windows Store it doesnt ask me to “Launch” it … It asks me to “Install” it again as if I never did!
And when I click nothing happens.

Any help please?

Have you tried to search it in windows bar. I had similar problem with AoE 4.

Yeah Ive searched everywhere it is nowhere to be found.

I spent the last 24 hours reinstalling it using the Xbox platform, this morning it said “Installation finished” with another notification saying “Error while installing your game , reinstalling now” and its at 10% again ><

How many space do you have?
PM me, we can try to fix this 1on1.