Installing the Original AOE games on a Windows 10 PC

@Telperinquar said:
Just to get in the mood for a AOE reboot I thought I’d try and install the original games on my windows 10 PC, I didn’t get very far, does anyone know if they will work?

I have Age of Empires Gold Edition and they work just as well for me on Windows 10 as they did on Win 95, Win 98 and XP.

It was Vista and 7 that seemed to have it’s problems but there was still a fix for that.

Also get the UPatch HD as it’s great and it’s what DE is based on.

Hi, i’m new here and i cant speak english very good :smiley:
i have a problem with the grafic. i cant see the lower part of the screen.
I dont know how to post a picture of the problem
My Notebook:

intel core i5
Intel HD grafic 520
anyone a solution of this Problem?

I inserted my AoE1 Gold Edition CD-ROM and installed it on Win 10 x64 build 1809. Then I installed the RoR UPatch.

So, why isn’t there such a patch for original AoE? I’d love to play through the original campaign again with the same things the patch does for RoR.

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Hi @KVUGNG, Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion includes the campaigns for both the expansion and the original release.

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I installed original AoE plus the AoK expansion then the UserPatch 1.1 R4 HD onto Windows 10 Pro X64. That works great and looks great.

So then I install AoE 2 + Conquerors from my old AoE Gold set, then the last update for Conquerors so the UserPatch for that will install. Works great, looks great, but unlike for AoE 1 the setup and menu screens haven’t been given the HD treatment.

Unfortunately installing AoE2 breaks AoE1! When I go to start the campaign it crashes. empires.exe the application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Jumping into a random map works, but that’s it. I didn’t try playing an AoE1 campaign (hadn’t even saved a game) after installing AoE2 + expansion before installing the UserPatch for it so I don’t know if it’s AoE2 or its UserPatch that breaks AoE1.

Edit: Reinstalling AoE1 + expansion + last official patch + latest UserPatch does NOT make any difference. It passes the file check, passed it before.

i have all aoe on cd. I bought a pc without a cd player. the PC is windows 10. How do i register my cd keys with microsoft to get to play the game on line?

You can buy an external DVD drive to install and play your disc copies of the games on your new PC.

The Zone for online multiplayer was shut down many years ago for AoE and AoE II. As far as I know, you can still play AoE III on ESO using a disc copy. @EaglemutOP, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Unfortunately there is no way to redeem AoE CD keys for digital copies, like Blizzard does with Warcraft III.

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That is correct, the AoE3 CD version remains effectively identical to the digital version distributed on Steam, therefore you can play online just fine with everyone else - given that you already own the base game and both released expansions.

Successfully Installed AOE2 on Windows 10 using DXWND to run the game in a resize-able window and tweak the settings for running. Need to install Direct Play as patches and installed executrices for AOE will not run without it. I had problems installing Direct Play, as. Seems Windows 10 updates does not want to install the Legacy version from the Programs and Features > “Turn Windows Features on and off”. So run DirectPlay Setup in the AOE Program Files Directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Dplay61a.exe), before installing any patches ( If necessary, google and download the more recent Dplayx.dll to the AOE Folders. (/C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II) and the (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\age2_x1). If no Direct Play version will install, putting the Dplayx.dll in the directories will still enable you to run the executable. Windows will still prompt for you to add the Direct Play feature, just skip the install when prompted.

Have to install DirectPlay for AOE origional to run on Windows 10.
[Installing Windows 10 AOE, Non-HD version](http://Installing AOE on Windows 10)