Integrate AoE4 hotkeys with AoE2:DE and/or AoE3:DE

TL;DR: make aoe4 hotkeys scheme in a way that it could be set as the same as other AoE games.

One of the main assets on how to be a good player on any AoE game is to master the hotkeys. Yet, its quite a task to move from one game to another because of that.

AoE games are very well known foir being very complex. I play both AoE2:DE and AoE3:DE and one of my great challenges is changing from one game to another because its a completely different hotkey set. My suggestion is to make a way to set the hotkey scheme in AoE4 in a way that it could be the same/equivalent of the other games.

In AoE2:DE you can set a hotkey “preset”, be it the “Classic AoK”, the “HD version” or the “DE”. My suggestion is to add the same hotkey presets in AoE4: “AoE1”, “AoE2”, “AoE2 HD”, “AoE2 DE” and “AoE3:DE”.

In that way it would be easier and smoother for players of other AoE games like me to adapt to AoE4.

I mean, I would definetely play more AoE3 if it wasnt such a move to adapt to the hotkey system (it’s also very difficult to set them as custom, since the logic behind the buildings in the villager/settler building menu isnt the same).


I agree. Need it to be good

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Please, it’s a must!

It is also very important to keep having “Go to” hotkeys, for example if I want to select “C” or “Ctrl + C” for Go to Town Center, and by pressing it again it goes to the next Town Center and so on.
I dont like the Starcraft way of placing buildings to Ctrl #number, I use that for armies only. The AoE “Go To” hotkeys for cycling through buildings of the same type is so much better, because there’s way more buildings in AoE, and Im not going to waste a Ctrl group to go to a lumber camp in order to click some upgrade.