Interactive GUI for AOE2 De. Requesting to include this idea in the next update

Hi Like is it possible to make a GUI army command

It makes the work easier instead of taunts We can just select a particular unit from their tech tree and inscribe their army strength and also add units feature which allows to add more. But if exceeded the bounds set by the AI it just declines just like in Civ 6. Like for example we select militia and enter value as 10 and add archers to it and enter 5 and press either attack or defend

maximum of 4 units once a command, also two different types of sub commands
attack and defend

attack - attacks an enemy

defend - defends its village

we can also specify whom we want the AI to attack or defend, this isn’t a mod but a photoshop edit made by me. I will also attach the edits here

Imgur: The magic of the Internet (EDITS)