Interesting ideas about Saracens team bonus and CA

Hey guys you know now that nothing make Saracens CA special except they have FU but since you have FU for archers it is better to go archers especially they are cheaper and easy to mass starting in feudal. In general i still even think they should get rid of the Saracens team bonus for foot archers +2 attack vs buildings, so what to do?

My suggestion:

-Saracens team bonus replaced by Cavalry archers have +2 attack vs cavs.

What do you think? It is much better in my opinion, or do you suggest to make the Saracens cavalry archers have +3 attack vs cavs as a new UT that replace the Madrasah?

this is literally spam? you made another thread with the same name… you can include the different saracen bonuses in one thread?

and it makes a magyar / cuman/ mongol ally OP

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Other thread was about Madrasah especially not the Saracens team bonus

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I think this could be problematic for balance to grant CA buff to the whole team.

My thoughts are that team bonus can remain the same, and Saracens get a personal bonus of +2 or +3 or even +4 for CA vs. buildings like they used to. Maybe remove the useless transport bonus that no one ever remembers exists 11. I doubt the CA bonus for Saracens only would create any balance concerns since they are hard to mass but I do miss it because it was a cute identity for Saracen CA.

Or Madrasah can be replaced with a tech that grants this bonus to CA.