Interesting mod ideas that you want to see in the game

This is just a fun post. No need to get serious about it. Share your weird mod ideas about the game and no need to shy about it.

  1. 1000+ player 10000x10000 big map games.

  2. Literally the sphere world but in 2d. You can circle around coordinates…

  3. Enhanced wild life with natural animal behavior. (Like wolves attacking in packs and having a king of the lair, Deers in packs moving at certain place time to time, Wolves actually attacking deers, Wolves getting stronger by each attacks eventually becoming nearly as strong as hero units. Even unlocking special abilities)

  4. Working climate system. (It’d be cool to see gaia animal reacting to it)

  5. Siege Tower being able to attack. (One day hopefully devs will bring it for real)

  6. Wagons. (Unit that will work exactly like transport ship and will be same speed as Light Cav and garrisoned can buff the speed)

  7. Having some water channel like terrain which’ll buff ship speed at certain direction while moving.

  8. Having Empire system. You can make an empire by making a player an emperor. When you are a part of an Empire you’ll have a team resource system. Emperor player can control your units only and only if you give permission otherwise emperor player can’t do anything. An Empire team can be treated almost as a player can change diplos and stuffs on other player. Player can back out from an Empire if wanna.

  9. Players can make bridges…

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