Intermitent black screen while playing in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Hi dear friends, i came here because some days ago (with no big modifications at all) my monitor keeps black screen while playing in multiplayer, it is important to say that it only happens when im INSIDE of an multiplayer game. only there and not in the menu or in my general use of the pc outside the game…

also i play with a vga to hdmi converter and the screen goes black but the game keeps on working, it seems a Hz of the monitor troubles, the thing is, it only happens with AoE 2 and not with other games like CSGO.

I find this weird and can’t find solutions, i tryied to update drivers to last version and to do several stuff like changing resolution and hz to 60 (i usually play at 75hz) but none of them seems worthful of solutions…

Any idea? thanks in advice, Santiago.

Well there are a couple of things you could try.

Obviously first, make certain you have the latest display drivers installed (as you already mentioned, but there could have been another update since you last checked).
Secondly, you could try a different monitor/cable (without the converter) to determine if it is a hardware versus software issue.
Thirdly, you could try running the game in window mode + enabled VSync (try just vsync first) - that seemed to work for some people back in February: Black Screen issue .

Hope that helps!