Introduce a Ranked Civ Rotation?

I hopped into ranked for the first time yesterday and one of the first things I noticed, other’s have pointed this out, is that everyone on the low levels only play English and French. This makes games kinda boring. The next thing I noticed, after wining the first 4 ranked games with a single build order, is that you can climb the ladder by just playing the same civ and build order over and over. Imagine being diamond and only knowing the HRE fast castle. By contrast, all the tournaments are fun because they make the players try the different civs. Allowing people to play French every time works in quick play and single player because we want everyone to do their thing and have fun, but ranked exists to see how good you are in the game. You’re rank should show how good you are in the game and not how good you are in a single build you use every match.

There are several ways of implementing this. My thought is to set it so that you cannot go more than 20 (or maybe 15) games in a row without playing a civ. This way you can still have a main civ and can still pick which civ you play, but you have to play all of them so your opponent has varying experiences and the rank system can properly rank you.

Please share your thoughts on the subject. Do you think there should be some form of civ rotation in ranked? How would you implement it?


Man that gave me laughters.

Well as a person who hit diamond with only doing HRE FC in SE2, this is not an issue. You can play any civ you want since balance is pretty neat. And if you really wanna “be forced” to play different civs or different strategies, you just grind to Diamond+ so that you can’t play HRE FC or French knight rush into fedual all-in every single game and still maintain a high winrate.

Edit: Civ pick rates vary through ranks. Afaik Gold and Silver is where the french is picked most of the time. French pick rate drops significantly on platinum and higher. So the same formula is valid there to, rank up to match with more varied civs/builds/straregies.

This will not do any good to the game.
Everyone should be able to play whatever civ they would like to, plus playing one civ and getting really good with it is one of the best ways to improve at the game.
What they could do instead is introduce a better reward or challenge system to encourage players to try using different civs.


It is an interesting thought experiment but I think being able to choose and play your preferred civilization is a key part of the AoE experience that would be lost if this was implemented for ranked.


imagine someone dont have the time to learn all the other civs and this is the reason he plays only one civ?


Terrible idea

Good job on designing a way to shrink the player base


They must encourage the use of other civilizations with the rewards, challenging them to win a number of games in the qualifier and with an alternative, other than Delih due to its difficulty or Malians due to its low winrate, for example:
Win 3 games as HRE or play 10 games as HRE in Ranked

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This is something I had not thought of.

Alternate idea: What about a monthly community tournament where anyone interested squares off against other people within their rank and each round you have to pick a different civ? I’m just trying to find a way to give casual people the experience we see the pros having.