Introduce different terrain types. (FOR INCREASE IN STRATIGIC GAMEPLAY)

Different terrain types that affect units differently than normal terrain to increase importance of terrain utilization.
It would be cool to introduce some to the game.
Here’s a few examples:

  1. The wet strip of land used to cross rivers would decrease movement speed of all units.

  2. Quicksand/dense snow patches that reduces speed of all units except for camels (because of their flat feet)

  3. Mountain height terrain/dense forest only crossable by infantry.

  4. Moving downhill increases speed to light units and uphill decreases speed for heavy units.

  5. Levitation increases arrows range by +1 or + 2

  6. Crossable dense River Terrain that inflicts damage the longer units are within them.

  7. Stealth forests provide a plus one ranged armor.

  8. Hard sand/brick terrain increases speed and gives a +1 melee armor.

  9. Spring water that has an area of effect healing idle unites.

There’s lots of videos on YouTube about historical battles where smaller armies used the terrain towards their advantage to steal the win. And I always wish I can experience that in Age of Empire.

What do you guys think? Comment your terrain ideas.


If snow is a thing, could always be that units trample it down, and it slowly buildings up again.


It would be nice to also see environmental effects with this addition, such as thunderstorms, rain, snow and things like that, to make the battles even more immersive and exciting.