Introduce the current Voting system for DM too!


x Legend x here & I am just making a short post highlighting the arguments for bringing Voting to DM.

More Activity & Participation
Maps chosen by the Community similar to RM
Highlights DM to AOE Community
Its Free &
Who doesn’t like to vote?!

Let me know how you feel about voting in general & for DM! :slight_smile:


I need to say some more then just ‘I agree’.

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You did good :DDD i wanted to write only that but i needed to write this whole sentence :DDD

I would like a mirror option for DM like there is the random civ voting now. We could have for DM team mirror voting instead if majority agrees.

Yes Geojak that sounds promising, I would love to see voting on patches before release as the ultimate test as to quantify desirability!

Vote through in game no in the website

Yes there seems to be some controversy surrounding the latest update I think the UI could have a patch dedicated to itself and patches should have public voting!

Yes and revert back the DM ladder