Introduce Yourself

Just thought this would be something a little different to get to know each other and see more then just the debates that we have

Yeah it’s probably off topic, Yeah it might get ignored, Yeah it might get shut down or moved.

I’m MatCauthon and i’m from Michigan in the United States.
I currently work the graveyard shift as a security guard working way to many hours for my own good.

When i’m not working i enjoy playing Role-Playing Games (Both Video Games and Pen and Paper), Real Time Strategies, Reading, and Playing TCGs (Magic The Gathering and CardFight Vanguard), among a few other hobbies and am currently in the process of building my own new PC. I also like to listen to a variety of Music (Old Country such as Reba and Garth Brooks), Michael Jackson, even some Linkin Park and Nickelback, and cover artists (Shoutout to Violet Orlandi),however my mainstay is Classic Rock.

In the past i was in the United States Navy and spent a lot of time traveling the world and saw many places around the world even if only briefly, including Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai UAE, Croatia, France, and Portugal


Nice to become acquainted

I’m Mac B, from Alabama USA (my SpecificElk username was autogenerated by microsoft when i made this account, dont remember why, think i was on a friends xbox or something)

I’ve been playing and modding AoE2 since 2017, but I came from Rise of Nations where me and my friend group played and worked on mods there; RoN was probably the first RTS I got in to earnestly and I had no idea that i’d like it, or AoE2 as much as I did.

Though AOE has taken up most of my time when playing games nowadays (since I like to improve, and mod) my gaming interest have a wide range, my first steps into gaming were with super mario 64 and world, so I have a liking towards platformers. I was never really good at shooters with some exceptions (hotline miami series if that counts, doom, doom 2, doom 2016, doom eternal lol) but I love retro style games and well developed adventure/rpgs.

Aside from gaming, I have ample interest in art and music; I’m an amateur producer since 2014 and make a range of electronic music (lo-fi, ambient synthwave, drum n bass etc, lo-fi rock). I’ve also recently (since quarantine is taking a while) committed to improving my drawing skills, but having years of experience with photo editing I do abstract collage art and have since 2015. I do enjoy commissioning other artists for pieces when I can afford to do so.

Ever since the pandemic my professional pursuits have slowed to a crawl since I’m at very high risk for the virus (have an incurable genetic illness that affects respiration and digestion), but I have been trying to sell my music recently. When this is over though, I want to pursue a career in music industry; in radio (had a part time job at a radio station and I enjoyed it) or audio engineering, but I’m keeping my horizons broad.

My other major interest beyond art and music extend to history, ancient and medieval are favorites (I’ve spent entire days just reading pdfs and articles i could find about ancient societies, cultures, etc from all over the globe; which helped me make my bronze age mod) but I like to keep my perspectives more recent as well, as I’m blessed with havinng friends from all over the world (such as Italy, Qatar, Sweden, Hungary, Malaysia etc)

So there’s my biography, probably more than asked but it’s no different than the rest of my forum wordwalls because I like to be articulate :slight_smile: were I not quarantining I probably wouldn’t be on the forums as much, but it’s nice to get to know others


Hello, my name is Mayaz Al Mahmud… Im from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Im an undergraduate student of computer science. Age of empires 2 is my most favorite game since when I was 5. It is actually the 2nd game i played …1st one was metal slug. But as I played alone and cracked version (I didnt have money and did not know how to buy it) Im still noob at this game. So I prefer modding and just friendly game play.
Although I study computer science my preferable subjects are history, geography, geopolitics etc… these things interest me and I try to use these stuffs in my project whenever I get the chance.
My favorite bands are wardrunna, heilung, eluvietie ,danheim etc. besides folk music I listen to 80s synthwave remix or 80s music .
So this is my short bio, nice to meet you guys


Good to have an topic where all people are going to be friendly. I left this forum for some time, as i couldn’t handle the constant stoning.

I’m HerianB, and i live in a really small town (~2700 pop) in the very south of Brasil — Rio Grande do Sul, to be exact. I never really travelled — the most far place i have been in my life
is 650km away from my home, where my university is. I am currently an student of Computer Science in public university (and i too am more fond of history than my future job should require), and a back-end web developer on a junior enterprise. My family history is composed 90% of farmers — i too don’t know how i ended up as an dev.

Regarding music, I’m a fkng TRVE KVLT metal elitist, and some of the music i hear is either what you could consider borderline illegal or heretical. Doom metal, funeral doom metal, death doom metal, black metal, War Metal, Trash Metal, NSBM & DSBM and blackgaze. And some dark ambient/dungeon synth, if i am feeling industrious. (@SpecificElk9218 link plz). My favorites groups are: Ahab, Bruzum, Sodom, Mournful Congregation, Warning, Blasphemy and Woods of Ypress.

Regarding games, i started playing AoE (or watching, rather) when i was a kid, barely knowing how to read. i stopped playing AoE some time ago — one of the consequence of giving up multiplayer — but i keep on with strategy: CK2, EU4, TW, as well as some random games that i just feel like playing (just quit Driver SF, and i’m downloading Rise of the Tomb Raider rn, if you want examples of random games).

I’m also an RPG dude. I don’t enjoy PC games with the theme that much, but boy give me an dice, some paper and nerd friends and you have made my day. I have been both dungeon master and player in D&D, and also played or read about other systems like Zombie Survival, a bit of L5R homebrew adaptations, Vampire the Masquerade and Call of Cthulhu. In fact, I’m again back on looking to play D&D, if people up too — can’t say i am the best person to DM, considering i am self taught in English and absurd amounts of talking are necessary, but i can handle myself as a player.

Right now i am trying to learn french, and i have plans to go back on learning flutter — so i can make useless android apps, to get some name and make myself “hireable”. My plans for the end of “You Know What” is to learn how to play bass (so i can get sum nice hot egirls lulz /s), go back to driving school, and to again see a live concert gig of brvtal metal with other, like, 9 people on the audience.

It’s really nice to know more about you, guys. The “reality shock” kind of throws me back on the real world, and help us all to remember that the person we are stoning in this forum also has a life lol.
bloody ■■■■ i wrote a wall


Facts dude
And I want to take the time to clarify, I know I come off as a ■■■■ a lot when making debates, but it’s unintentional, that’s mainly because I’m very passionate about this game and given that I have more time on my hands than I’m used to I can spend more time talking about it. I mean no personal animosity in my responses :V


Nice idea @MatCauthon3.

I’m DoctBaghi, also know Alberto, I’m italian and live near Venice.

I’m studying psychology of HR as my master degree, and I already have a degree in social psychology.

From here originated part of my nickname, since I changed it a few days later after I graduated (here in Italy everyone that get even a bachelor degree is called doctor during the graduation). The rest of the name (baghi) comes from the diminutive of Bagheera, the black panther from the jungle book.

I played the AoE series since I was a kid and I saw my father playing the old AoE1, from then I played every game and expansion of the series, though I started playing online only few years ago, so I’m still a noob (I mean in theory I known everything, but then I panic and missclick a lot during the action :rofl:).

As for others games I never played just one game type, but instead I tried various types of games during the years, in particular I spent years playing w40k dawn of War, battlefield and all the assassin’s creed series.

I have a girlfriend who also like playing AoE2, though, she is really a noob, but hey, everybody play the game as he/she like so…

Recently I struggle to find time to play online, between her and the time that the study takes (hopefully by the next March I’ll definitely graduate from the university) so my skills dropped even further, but at least I can play the campaigns (since you can save and resume when you want) and I can talk with you guys here, so that I can keep myself fresh at least on theory.

As for other hobbies I like to go trekking in the mountains, and read/watch about history. I mainly listen to rock, and my favorite band are the Pink Floyd.

I’m mainly here to talk about the game on its every aspect and discuss about it since I don’t know anyone that plays it anymore in person, except for my girlfriend… but again… she’s a bit of a noob and not that much into it like me.

Some months age I tried to get into modding, creating a custom campaign about Venice, and despite making 4 maps, I realized that it takes too much time just to grab the necessary knowledge, so I was forced to abandon the project.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, I’m glad to better know all of you and I hope that I didn’t bored anyone.


I think it’s a good idea. I’ve had disagrements with the admins over time but i know they are ultimately decent peeps so reckon they’ll see the good in this thread so leave it be.

That being said i dont think I’ve ever seen this type of thread on steam where people will rip each other apart due to the level of anonymity.

I currently run my own landscaping business. And i was in the South African Air Force for 15 years. I blame my military life for getting heated with other people’s posts. :joy:

I play table top games like Infinity and 40k. I spend most of my free time painting models when im not playing RTSes like TW, AOE2 or COH2.

My wife also plays AOE2 but she’s even more of a noob

And reading everyone’s bios its funny how many interests everyone(myself included) here shares.

Hopefully when he’s back from his time off parthnan will post here too. So he can see we like him too.


One day maybe we will be able to teach them :joy:


My wife literally doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to get better. Only to build better looking towns :joy::joy:


oh god he’s a shrink, quick! get the torch and pitchforks! run him out of the forums before he start charging for his services! (Sarcasm fyi)


I’m Szaladon from Bern, Switzerland. I speak French, German, Swiss German, English and very little Spanish.

Currently, I’m studying Physics at the University of Bern. My hobbies are hiking, going to the cinema, reading books (especialy history books), playing the piano (not as often anymore sadly), cooking and playing strategy games.

Age of Empires 2 is actually the first computer game I’ve played since I was very young. My father got me into playing AOE2 as he really enjoyed to play against the AI. His favourite map was Islands 1vs7 on All-Tech, because he enjoyed to spam bombard towers which shredded through rams (yes, he played the base game only) and converting enemy civilizations with his own monks. I’ve played this way for years until I saw the Conquerors expansion in a local store which I really wanted for the badass Aztecs :smile:

The fact that the Meso civs didn’t have a proper Bombard tower and Stable skin and that the bombard towers and monks were kinda nerfed with the introduction of heresy and the attack type change of bombard towers annoyed me so much, that I’ve decided to try out with All Techs disabled. I’ve almost never played All Tech ever again.

I’ve discovered the Forgotten Empires mod in 2013 and fell in love with it and got Steam solely for AOE2:HD first. The excitement for new civs and new architecture sets never left me.

My favourite music genres are Metal, Goth Metal, Classical, New Age, Future Funk, Funk, EDM, Hardstyle and Movie Soundtrack music. Some of my favourite artists are Rammstein, Metallica, Type 0 Zero, Attrition, Soulgrinder, Gesaffelstein, Skaven, MACROSS 82-99, Daft Punk, Saint Pepsi, Vangelis, Deep Forest, Enigma, Hans Zimmer, Calvin Harris, Sia among others.

Currently, I’m reading the “Neue Fischer Weltgeschichte”, a world history series.

When COVID-19 is pretty much over, I plan to go to the Europapark again. Missed that Park.


It is a fine idea here @MatCauthon3, plus it is always fun to see how broad the player base is.

As for me, I’m SilvAries, which comes from the latin words “silva” (forest) and “aries” (ram, as in the zodiacal sign). No deep meaning, I just like forests as a landscape and it is my zodiacal sign.

AoE2 was the first video game I ever played, and I recently heard about Definitive Edition through a friend, si here I am. Unfortunately my crappy laptop only allows me to run the HD version, and since I’m living with my girlfriend who is still a student, money is tight… But I’m trying to save some nonetheless.

On a more personal level, my field of work is industrial CAD, more specifically blueprints. I don’t have much time to play during the week, but I enjoy a break during weekends. Speaking of games, I have a few names I’m an absolute fan of, but generally speaking as long as I enjoy the game I don’t care about its type. As a player I see games as a source of fun above all, so I’m not competitive at all. Rather, I’m the guy who would go slowly just to enjoy the view. I also a bit of that nerd guy would look at every piece of information he can get his hands on, but I’m not a powergamer.

As for the rest, my tastes in music are metal, folk, and whatever pleases my ears regardless of its genre. I enjoy cooking as a hobby, a little work-out session once in a while, and a peaceful and slow sunday. If you are curious about my personality, let’s say that my alignment in D&D would be true Neutral, and in Hogwards I would be a Ravenclaw. I have some plans for the future, mostly travels, but I’m waiting for my girlfriend to work so we can start saving a bit.

And that’s pretty round it up. Nice to meet you all.


I am a portuguese man that is both a Hotel Manager and a Historian.
Everyone at my house plays RTS, TBS and RPG games.

Other than a somewhat “holier than thou” attitude, I have no flaws!

My musican interests are Classical, Orchestral, Metal, Synthwave, Retrowave, Future Funk and several movie, series or videogame soundtracks (HoM&M, Icewind Dale and Total Annihilation for those in the know).

I am not someone easy to talk out of any reasoning I have, do not have too much patience, am very much Right Winged conservative, love warfare and technology, and I spent a very embarassing amount of time searching through religions and philosophy in my youth.




A very nice game too. I have seen Youtube playthroughs, and they nailed the Noir detective ambient very well.

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Never played it. Just know the meme :grin:


IT’S TOO LATE :rofl:
However, that not really my field, in fact I barely know the basics, I’m more specialized in social psychology and the study of the workplace.
My girlfriend on the other end is studying specifically that field of psychology.

My girlfriend on that listen to me, the problem is that she thinks that 10 knights are enough to kill an enemy whole town. :joy:

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They would be, if they brought their knightly retinues of at least 50 men each!

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And if she wouldn’t charge them directly into pikes.
Still, to be fair, she is more of an AoM player.

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Hi guys!

I’m pretty new here but you might have started to see me pop up in a lot of threads. My name is Jeremy, I live in Pennsylvania USA. Back in high school I was in debate, and I love AOE, so this forum gives me a great outlet for arguing with people about something most people in my life don’t care about :rofl::joy: but it’s all in good spirit.

I work in the field of human services, working with people who have intellectual disabilities, it can be a draining job, but rewarding. I met my wife here so it’s been a good experience :grin:

I started playing AOE when I was in middle school, I picked up age of conquerors at a yard sale, i could only play it on my mom’s computer so I didn’t get to play much, but I loved it when i could. When I got my own laptop I started playing more, but got distracted by the total war games, which I played through most of high school (Rome, Medieval 2, and Empire).

When I was in college a friend of mine told me they released AOE 2 HD on steam, and i was pumped to get my nostalgia fix, I downloaded as did another friend of mine, and after playing a couple games online one night, we became addicted. The next couple years we’d hangout weekly and play team games online. We got ok at it, but never ventured into the world of 1v1 where we could hone our skills.

I got married the day after DE came out (nice wedding gift from Bill Gates lol) so the first few months I didn’t play much. Recently I’ve been playing a few times a week, but my focus is now to try-hard whenever I play haha. I’ve started a spread sheet where I track my win losses, and review what I did well and need to improve on each game. Watching game recs, etc. My theory is since I don’t play as much as I used to, I want to win as much as I can :joy:

I love music: Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Vampire Weekend, Lord Heron, Fleet Foxes, Lumineers, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Cake, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, the Monkees, Neil Young, Johny Cash. You name it haha.

Thanks for reading my thesis!