Introducing the Age of Empires 3 Improvement Checklist

It is with great pleasure I present the first Improvement Checklist for Age of Empires 3. This checklist provides a number of skill metrics to familiarise yourself with, and to master, including: Town Center Control, Herding, Collecting Treasures and Micromanagement.

It is free to download, and available here:


Poor ottomans and russians
ottomans 8 red 5 yellow 3 green
russians 9 red 7 yellow
I am a main ottoman, hoping they get some improvements in the next update.

Thanks for the lists mate.


Thank you so much for the guides! Cheers

I say this some of topics but every one thinks that Ottomans are powerful and stay like this. But as you see ottomans are lowered for many aspects. They are going to equal Aztecs by devs.

Ottomans are a lot weaker at higher level because everyone knows what they will do and how to stop a rush, they are super effective at lower elo because rushes are a lot more effective, same reason aztec was nerfed despite being considered a weak civ at high level.

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until art of war tutorials integrate hotkeys this will be far out of reach of most of the player base. its still a nice thing to have though.

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Yeah this is unfortunately true, and a difficult position, as there is no real answer to the question of whether balance should be for the many or for the few. It is part of the reason why Japan is considered such a powerhouse at lower levels.


Hahaha that favored matchup chart is going to rile up quite a few people here.