Invalid coding

In a recent game of Amazon Tunnel that I was in, the statement Invalid Coding appeared before my game closed. It first appeared on player blue’s chat, but shortly after it appeared as mine. I have no non-Microsoft event mods, and the game was very conventional. It was also the last game I played on 6/25. I have never seen this before. I use the Microsoft Store version and my build and expansions are current.

Hi @ZeroEinna

Unfortunately your post does not give much for us to go on.
Do you have any reproduction steps, savegames or recorded games where this issue occurs in?

Unfortunately, it only occurred once in an unrecorded and unranked game of Amazon Tunnel. I guess it can be marked for now as an outlier occurrence. This is the first time I have experienced this type of error, and hopefully the last. The fact that it was first stated in blue’s chat, then mine before crashing is a point of interest, otherwise I cannot provide any helpful information. I checked a 3rd party aggregator, and they had no recordings. They did have the information that the game occured.