Invincible Fortified Gates

Game Version: Definitive Edition

  • Build: Current and previous patch too.
  • Platform: Steam


Dos Pilas Battle - Tikal Front Gate - Under siege by my trebuchets, the gate kept respawning somehow. I didn’t get a screenshot and I don’t want to replay the mission (it took me 3 hours). However, this has happened to me before. I recollect having the same issue on The Huns’ last mission when I was attacking Verona. It actually made me lose the game because I couldn’t get past the gate.

The gate also looks weird when this happens. The gate looks destroyed, except the sides are still there and it’s back to full hp.

I will try to get a screenshot next time.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play the Dos Pilas Mayan scenario.
  2. Attack the Tikal (orange) front gate.
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