Invisible Units

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Still having a problem I think I previously made a post for, hoping the dev team checks the forums. So I have found the scout (from the stable) and the scout ship (from the dock) are both invisible units. I get warnings I am under attack and see villagers or fishing boats respectively running about and i can’t see the threat.

So the situation where this happens appears to be in Scenarios at the least, I don’t play online so I couldn’t say if this occurs in multiplayer, I only play my old nostalgia maps and the campaigns.

Specific maps I have noticed are Rising Tides and Crossroads. I havn’t checked the others as much although I have seen other bugs this is by far the most gamebreaking as invisible units kinda hard to counter.

So the scout boats first, they just never appear, permanently invisible for me. If they come near my boats/archers/towers my men will fight them and I can see the fire when it takes damage where the scout ship’s arrows are coming from. Note that the higher tier ships don’t seem to be a problem they appear just fine. Also, the scout ships are invisible even if they are mine, I cannot select them and move them.

Scouts now, enemy scouts are visible when they stop to attack my villagers but are invisible when they run, absolutely destroys me. I don’t believe there are any upgrades for the scout so this is a game long problem for me. Just like the scout boat they can be attacked by my men and towers like nothing is wrong. My own scouts just like my own scout ships I cannot select or use. I set a rally point far out and my scout will go there and I have vision of that area where he is standing but I just cannot select it at all.

I do not know if this is a problem on my end of a bug in the scenarios specifically, ect. I have played this game on multiple pc’s and this problem persists.

Anyone else have anything to add onto this?

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As this problem appears on multiple pc’s I think it is related to your MS account if you sign on with a MS account as Windows user.

What you can do is add another local user account (standard or admin should not matter) through and try to launch the game from that account again to make sure if has to do with a profile issue of the other account.

This is all I could think off, except that you are unlucky to have multiple pc’s with unsupported graphics cards.

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